Win a Date With Betty White

EBay is auctioning off a date with Betty White.
3:14 | 06/18/13

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Transcript for Win a Date With Betty White
-- we've been talking a million -- includes about this and all morning long Betty White what you gonna do -- -- I absolutely hope you know. She's -- Larry -- take a listen to some of her work on her most recent. Sitcom hot in Cleveland. If you must know. -- started a business. -- dating service for seniors very. Sure -- -- clean thing. -- Grandmother I -- -- to freedom. It could change you can meet someone and then I could ever do you with -- -- Oh and being nervous bringing another -- on a daily Pierre. Few dry green and got both going home alone. Pretty I mean I ask -- what -- -- like to. Friends and they and them -- Hundreds timings all that she has not lost her response I think the year the year that he's been around lots of -- okay see you can't. Gravitational wave. Ms. Betty White Arum on eBay the bidding is starting at 15100 dollars it'll include two round trip tickets to LA get the tickets to the Morris animal foundation gala for which she is a trustee. Seat at her table on -- one night stay at the Ritz Carlton marina Delray switches are really nice hotel in Miami act. Making ends on June 24 and -- proceed they're going to the animal foundation so get to that you can win tonight with. Her good cause and I'm sure you have a ball yeah. Story to tell after that -- I was -- what can card that she and apparently according to People Magazine they are close to choosing a baby name all we know is that there is likely will begin with a cane that's. Quoting a source in the eight people Klondike by the way some some information around the delivery apparently was not necessary and delivery was a natural delivery that's according to the people who -- to. People Magazine and by the way doctor cause speaking to us weekly says that it's really important for them to focus on the baby. He has experience was this a five -- premature baby in his life and he says it's a sacred time they need to focus on the child. And as much as you're excited about baby names and all this and that. You've got folks -- child is if you don't later in life you can now have problems with that would help Christians -- child away totally -- -- the eight Klondike from the -- I'll -- so nice picnic -- -- could indict. Other incidents really kind of strange story it's kind of blown up all over the place Charlie Sheen is trying to fire sun glare from anger management. She -- been in 33 episodes opposite of Sheen and apparently she complained that he's a menace to work with -- always -- according to DNC. -- in the complaint -- -- -- tensions in demanding that she be fired for refusing to shoot if she showed up on sat the TV network of course is reportedly hoping that calmer heads will prevail. And hopes that the show will continue with well -- he also said. What she thinks she is I'm memorizing. Twenty Jesus -- she's not writing until. So there you -- -- Charlie Sheen and his Obama and -- was and the world we can't imagine that. That's -- everything he's done it at -- intentions.

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"EBay is auctioning off a date with Betty White.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"19425476","title":"Win a Date With Betty White","url":"/WNN/video/win-date-betty-white-19425476"}