Women Released From Captivity in London After 30 Years

Three women ages 30, 57 and 69 are free after being held in a south London home for decades.
3:00 | 11/22/13

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Transcript for Women Released From Captivity in London After 30 Years
We begin this half -- with a shocking discovery overseas in Britain. Straight women are free this morning for the first time in decades after being held captive in a hole in London for thirty years now one of the women is even believe to a spent her entire life. In domestic slavery. The three women are described by police is a 69 year old for Malaysia and a 57 year old from Ireland and a thirty year old Briton who was believed to have been born in captivity in the South London house. All free ribbon while fighting traumatize. And we'll -- -- took place -- sites to. -- -- every night police believe the women finally found the courage to break free from their captors after watching a BBC documentary on forced marriages. Featuring the freedom charity one of the women called the charity help line shortly after the report aired. I think one of the casings is gaining trust and and and being very gentle and very soft in order not to -- the well. Delays too much too many questions but he showing that they were happy to displays. Information in a very controls and send positive way. The cases eerily similar to the case here of aerial Castro who -- three women captive for ten years in this house in Cleveland. Right under neighbors noses. I think you would think positive -- the -- -- you know within the state it wouldn't be wouldn't write that he consented any negative or anybody else they think has then they could he is that they -- it -- on everything they could -- The three women who may have been hiding in plain sight in this part of London are believed to be related and police say there is no evidence of sexual abuse two people -- man and woman both 67 years old had been arrested on charges of slavery and domestic servitude. -- -- this morning all three of the women are a safe place they are said to be doing well.

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{"id":20976485,"title":"Women Released From Captivity in London After 30 Years","duration":"3:00","description":"Three women ages 30, 57 and 69 are free after being held in a south London home for decades.","url":"/WNN/video/women-released-captivity-london-30-years-20976485","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}