What won’t you do for love?

Our own Janine Elliot sat down with dating coach and Date Brazen founder Lily Womble for that magic app formula to help with all those dating apps.
3:24 | 02/14/20

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Transcript for What won’t you do for love?
We all know there's no shortage of dating apps out there in fact more than 35 million Americans are expected to look for love online this year alone looks. But with so many options at your fingertips online dating can feel overwhelming. That's where Lily wobbled confident she's a dating coach and the founder of date brazen. The company helping people become the boss of their dating lives one of the top online dating mystique Lilly sees people making is using too many. Apps instead of five dating apps just used one report to you and delete the rest stop at your found and in terms of which dating apps to choose it's not rocket science. And so just choose one that you feel fast on and that he found the most success sign. To invest your heart time it moving forward so another mistake is so wiping all the time. There's a reason you might feel addicted to it dating after the because they were built like slot machine. I recommend carving out with a fifteen to twenty minute period per day where you can swipe when you're feeling awake when you're feeling good about yourself. And where you're feeling cozy and at home say you're not just wiping to like. Escape that meeting here Anderson's wife saying that intention and only a short amount of time for. Another huge mistake that I see people making is entertaining no where conversations. And what I mean by that is. People getting in to pen pal relationships with potential dates instead of getting to business and setting up a date. I suggest that everybody dating and dating apps needs to set it cut off point. A week or two weeks where they say after that amount of time I'm not gonna message this person anymore. So when it comes to starting conversations with your matched. Lilly says naked count so I recommend crafting a question you actually want to know the answer to. That would give you information on whether that person is worth your time or not ask get up front like what's bringing new joy right now in your life questions leg. Doing a failing makes you laugh the hardest. Intentional questions will be a higher barrier to entry than just like hey how's it going to everybody can answer that. Another pitfall Lily says to avoid the treating dating like a numbers game and thinking the more dates you go on the better your shot at signing up. For what that advice does in practice. Is it exposes you to cognitive overload and cognitive overload is a fancy term that means your brain has too many options. Become overwhelmed and I think that's why people are getting so burnt out dissatisfied. And feeling so frustrated with staying so my advice for that. Instead of thinking of dating is a numbers game I want my clients and everybody in the world to think of themselves like this. You are for the few not for the many. So start dating like get. Lilly says these tips. Also translate from the act to the real world setting these boundaries online has worked for clients of first an awful help them meet matches offline Kenneth Kimberly. To gain Alley there look at beautiful as well I didn't want to point out that can't even that series then chocolates or there are now. All end all in the world today Jamie Beckett did much for that and they whoever Rodriguez box of chocolates because really those dating apps. They're like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Our own Janine Elliot sat down with dating coach and Date Brazen founder Lily Womble for that magic app formula to help with all those dating apps.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"68983465","title":"What won’t you do for love?","url":"/WNN/video/wont-love-68983465"}