The Word Wonder of 2012

American Dialect Society votes "hashtag" as the word of the year.
2:55 | 01/07/13

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Transcript for The Word Wonder of 2012
What about everybody into the mix and no you're not confuse the -- we've had a slight change in the production schedule -- overnight -- to the mix now airing. At a different time so this -- -- new -- hall from here on out so. -- -- -- -- that you're not going crazy. Just change are so to me here yeah. This first story had me. -- -- -- A woman in Iowa she's dental assistant. The dentists -- -- -- her they'd never had a fair. She doesn't like him he's married to -- his -- problem comfortable with what would have been the dental assistant for years she's -- a great job there she is kind of attractive woman. He fires her. Because he felt that he would start -- start affair with back and then she came to court because she says had been discriminated against because I'm a woman. Seven men. Court they all decide now it's not discrimination. So now she of course is asking them -- reconsidering its so absurd. It's so upset they miss the point. That's what you have to have men and women. On according to -- at seven men. Because they've just they've missed the point I'm stunned and -- But then the court upheld it and -- court upheld it all news politics. That immediately that's awful I -- had she didn't -- she -- happen. We're the lawyers -- -- how this -- -- in court could uphold the Hubble could possibly be that be illegal. -- now -- it's -- gender discrimination they're saying it's it's it's not. Cool that this happened but it isn't illegal was emotional -- discrimination but again -- the -- if she weren't sad -- seen after a nightclub he loses her job because he can't. Control himself that -- that seems ridiculous. Also here this is on a lighter note less controversial note from the American -- Dialect society has now voted for the word of the year for 2012 -- that word is. Hash tag -- Twitter apology and fully you're -- -- Minnesota more of basement -- to slowly get in the Twitter here and the guy on the chair of the new words committee Ben Zimmer said in the statement. This was the year -- the hash tag became ubiquitous phenomenon an online tall -- It has -- tag makes sense on the he's talking about Twitter Library of Congress check this out. Is almost finished -- 170. Billion. Beardsley that's right sex between. 2006 let's put it was founded and he rose twenty cents a local drive tweet he sent out. Library -- Congress has done. -- that you've got hot after midnight. -- holder also -- coming up on Sunday February 3 when we have a safe state given bigger event puppy bowl knowledge which is going to. Hair around considerable time you may have an exclusive. Multiple people coming up a little -- -- -- -- -- we have this exclusive look. All you die hard copy home -- and have it coming up about Hughes.

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{"id":18151002,"title":"The Word Wonder of 2012","duration":"2:55","description":"American Dialect Society votes \"hashtag\" as the word of the year.","url":"/WNN/video/word-2012-18151002","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}