Try Working Off a Starbuck's Muffin

It takes two hours of housework to work off a Starbuck's muffin.
1:51 | 04/25/13

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Transcript for Try Working Off a Starbuck's Muffin
I felt so that's not necessarily takes two hours of housework to burn natural hours for one month -- yes now here's the tricky part -- -- going to Starbucks you don't usually see that it has two hours of house or what do you see. That calorie -- right well there's a study that basically says people don't know how to quantify calorie so therefore if we -- to put up. Two hours -- housework -- thirty minutes on the treadmill. 45 minutes of the art work it's probably -- didn't -- -- have to spend 45 county and -- Starbucks I think it's muffins and general -- all right. We gotta go back to this one the Bismarck news anchor who got. Fire for using profanity its first seconds -- on the air in case you missed it seems -- -- they take a look. You're watching the Easter Sunday on NBC North Dakota news your news leader in high definition. Good evening I'm of the NCAA he may have -- -- -- AJ -- and seeing not good news and held vetoing the -- his team that's like telling parents tell her that I as they say. Thanks -- I'm very excited I graduated from -- is hander is CNN uses. You know from being from the -- East Coast. Bouncing back thanks to have people like David Letterman -- -- on the show yesterday -- -- quick listen to David Letterman probably -- national TV folks. Right let's go to Kelly and Kelly and Michael to live on Kelly and Michael as well he's. The content is exactly -- going on in your hand. When that happened where you pulled Blair you're Ronnie parent I had no clue and no. Cafeteria never lived that down by the way we have a couple things you wanna say yeah we actually dash and --

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{"id":19038533,"title":"Try Working Off a Starbuck's Muffin","duration":"1:51","description":"It takes two hours of housework to work off a Starbuck's muffin. ","url":"/WNN/video/working-off-starbucks-muffin-19038533","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}