It's Our World: A Concert to Make a Difference

Stories with impact: This week, a rock concert to end poverty.
1:22 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for It's Our World: A Concert to Make a Difference
Welcome to get our world and weekly glimpse into ideas an -- in the world -- better. -- -- and extreme poverty and global poverty project announced -- 2013. Global citizen that's. -- free ticket concert that will take place since September 28 on the great lawn of New York City. Performers include Stevie Wonder -- some. Alicia Keys and John there. Over 50000 tickets will be raffle off in the global citizen pastor let's say to people with taking actions and extreme pocket. Magical package researchers at the University of California Riverside developed -- small square patch gives it powerful anti mosquito horse field. The fight we're expecting using a -- sentence now. The Pope is the small device will aid in the fight against malaria. And disease spread -- he has causing over 600000 deaths and infecting over 200 million people every year. Levitating train well it sounds like a science fiction fantasy. Jim -- has tested -- real life levitating -- had not left. Is that that's history in the world -- -- -- speed of -- and ten miles per hour and eleven hits with the -- of magnets. I'm -- help -- and that this week's edition of it's our world.

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{"id":20392960,"title":"It's Our World: A Concert to Make a Difference","duration":"1:22","description":"Stories with impact: This week, a rock concert to end poverty.","url":"/WNN/video/world-concert-make-difference-20392960","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}