2015 American Music Awards Show Highlights

Check out the winners, best fashion, and great performances at the AMA Awards.
3:58 | 11/23/15

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Transcript for 2015 American Music Awards Show Highlights
Today topping disputing this morning last night's American music awards Megan triggered Shirley Booth of course. Well they're they're actually still going at it. Of course they just won't stop its. This can be why it is talked about moments from the Anthony's today I think water cooler moment awkward her. The Conficker dating shouldn't be. It still goes. They get a room perhaps but let's round of the night's other big witness starting with your bodies can this your favorite one. But up close they won the dateline artist of the year but song of the year went to Taylor Swift. She slipped however. It's not there. They were robbed. So who was there by the way Sam hunt winning for new artists of the year people think. He may be the next Taylor sort of you know the countries are primed for a mainstream crossover hits you. Other big winners of the evening Florida Georgia line between an Irish. And the weekend paltry winning favorite artist in their respective genres. As well as favorite album all the awards voted on by the fans online or through social meet a fun night to usher was. And it's not award show without seeing all the latest fashion that we've got to start with. The host of the evening going through nine different looks on stage smoltz was my they weren't. That's very at this issue plus set the show thinking that show's producers and of course everyone who made her fantastic addresses there're so many. An earlier on the red carpet while Selena at took over Betsy. Look at her here shimmering in that relief rock bug we go wreck that halo and their Israeli. But lots of people though thinking she may have shown up would Justin Bieber after a night out on the town this weekend but alas. The beast showed up on his own wearing a pseudo grunge look with. Ripped jeans and a Nirvana tee shirt turning now though to the newest Victoria's Secret Angel. Gigi had deep turning heads with this. And new mom Carrie Underwood was looking fantastic in her glittery short dress and eight combo in looks amazing. And finally singer is seen not we don't know what she sank but we do an ash born octopus stress. It's always a Bjork that arrives on debt on its always. One who pretends as if they've never been there before. OK so there was another awards show last night and this was. Fantastic when I'm sure you saw this this one a bit more highbrow we take you now to London for the UK's longest running. Theater awards that's where you see you're there Nicole Kidman won best actress for her portrayal. Of a scientist in photograph 51. At first I in London. He's an eighteen year and other movies are James Mack aboard one for his work on the stage in the ruling class. Two more movie stars Judi Dench and in the kinda well they hosted the show it was a fantastic. Fantastic. And the bounce into what two of Hollywood's best looking people are now happily hitched to each other. There are about Sophia berg. LO. We got married last night in Florida with that sense of fear is Asher and lots of photos of for you help me. Why wouldn't you look I have great luck. And here's their first dance which was to Sinatra version of the way you look tonight. For much ceremony and reception. Breakers resort in Palm Beach. And lots of modern family co stars were there including just Tyler Ferguson and so was Reese Witherspoon Channing Tatum even on her Schwarzenegger was hidden. Was there and hit ball performed for topless give me fortieth birthday and parents Sophia got down and dirty secrets from 400 guests. Who were assets in lieu of gifts they donated to charity. Looks like fun time. I heard getting valley.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Check out the winners, best fashion, and great performances at the AMA Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35367297","title":"2015 American Music Awards Show Highlights","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-2015-american-music-awards-show-35367297"}