'American Sniper' Rules Box Office

Clint Eastwood's "American Sniper" exceeded all expectations and raked in over $90 million this weekend.
3:56 | 01/19/15

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Transcript for 'American Sniper' Rules Box Office
Look at the big news here from Hollywood leading things off what people talking about movies this time of year and one film is reaping the benefits ball but and that bill would be cleaning slipped American sniper soared past all expectations of the box office this weekend. Grossing over ninety million dollars a second largest opening weekend. Like. Best picture of the year the president revealed in an interview with People Magazine that he thought boy put. It was a great movie and was his favorite movie of the year so we'll see who win the Oscars February 22 from right here on ABC. So big knicks really big news for X-Files fans at about network exact set confirmed they're in talks to bringing it smashed scifi horror. The trouble back to the small screen the creator Chris Carter is in on the project executives admit that any X well active include. We love them agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully of course however both actors already involved in other projects gonna kinda tricky but talks with both our. Should be ongoing fingers crossed love that Shelton the Ronald singer Broadway stars are right when she'll be hitting. A really really high note maybe the highest ever the battle of the opera singer begins training today in preparation for our flight to the International Space Station. It's bit into green upright and since childhood when she saw the 1969. Apollo moon landing. Now she trade in Russia for six months before taking off under stellar vacation and it's expected to cost her 52. Million dollars. I shall seem a lot out there because she's a good singer I know what that's like to be in tight quarters and can get away from your coworker who sings a lot. Roll that puts you can. Close demanding. That. Everybody did not over every. OK couldn't you. And didn't. Every day they couldn't. Just during the commercial break and it helped set you get an upset. You get annoyed if you're trying to read and prepare for the NASDAQ komando it's it's you Reno we love you will take you. This is what we have to deal with will be with a. Fears that that was so I just hoping to bring it out there doing what I could fall rob like. Investigation about David his Alter ego starring in I don't think DirecTV commercial hit last November erupt stirred up the controversy dressing up like a nerd in this when here in poking fun at people would shy bladder syndrome. That that aside this but the missile pod for the ad agency is rolling out five more. Lowe says this next matches spots features his favorite character yet meet head. The premise of course is that you have to be stupid to still face that's driving a cable TV eight critics however say that insulting. Prospective customers as an affiliate why is and strategy and they're getting a lot of attention so there is that really keeps movies things an advertising to people talk about its own. Get the buzz out there and it's working. Country but shy bladder syndrome and bathrooms. We'll get it will be useful signal and I type letters and prevented the Arnold. Could experience the how to work spent. We talked let's let me birthday soon announce a really good day legendary country Dolly Parton 69 years old. Sons of Anarchy and married with children actress Cason dollar turns 61 can't link that we'll. Straighter BS scary movie franchise and a lot of other footage filmed there is John Wayne he's forty Ford. And another shun American gold medal gymnasts start of the 2008 Olympic Shawn Johnson. Turns 23 of a happy birthday Olivea. You're influencing is that the curriculum looks that would tell us what's on you on the single though is the New York would have let them. Cut back up so late they played.

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{"duration":"3:56","description":"Clint Eastwood's \"American Sniper\" exceeded all expectations and raked in over $90 million this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"28317698","title":"'American Sniper' Rules Box Office","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-american-sniper-rules-box-office-28317698"}