The Best Of Ballpark Food

MLB stadiums are pulling out all the stops for opening day eats.
2:54 | 04/06/15

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Transcript for The Best Of Ballpark Food
Time for the next. Fully desperate for we had opening day and the people I love baseball but they were also want to talk about the food at the ballpark. Now that that you know is a way that is the best part of but take a look at this case that the battled hot dogs peanuts and popcorn. Stadiums are stepping it up a little bit forget those old school stable what I thought about she can't Brad bacon. Little pizza burger maybe maybe some pulled pork Mac and cheese sandwich with the creamy mustard sauce let me. Looks pretty good thing of what little we have with the phone we'll is that we've read and that's the pizza burger pizza. I'm so let's get if it looks great and this isn't the work that is your full support for connecting cheese sandwich and don't let the creamy mustard autopsy have a little vegetable next in this. Okay you dad good that you take is the pubs up and innovation. Bacon somebody was brilliant enough to chicken fried bacon why did you get friends and had solo about this country what we have some innovative folks are apparently. Publicly get a victory over Spain. Now people love their hiking trails. Well they're excited to get back on one with maple fifteen years well why would it be closed well because they've more fallen off the suckers. Wolf fifteen years ago two people at least guy that we know of its 1999. And 2000 this trailed. Over in space has been close to fifteen years they just reopen they reopened because. Well if you take a look here some of these hills a little safety barriers the DC now work necessarily there this thing's been actually been around for a hundred years. And this is about thirty plus stories above a river there you see that. Now people love this they go their thrill seeker they used to at least. But it was. It was kind of dangerous as of now we have reopened it finally a lot of people excited about it's a great wonder of the world so to speak. It's beautiful that you go to the perspective that's older looking down and act but they've now it's been about six billion dollars adding some safety barriers to this thing. It's safer but fifteen years it was close finally reopened. But it was a little dangerous. I'm not until quite so much I'm might stay off of that on with the use of the that's Dan Neely to keep this this program a little clean but it is time we told you the for the peep show them that the right be everyone's favorite Easter egg candy now. Don't different light that people making in dire rant I think caricatures of those beloved peeps there is tell me assumed that she and that he'd very magna RN and there. Utterly stuff. John off showing up hurt her eyes that famous stare in the peak emergent and of course was its blue or black or white gold. Don't let continues. It was there was little black by the way of providing this to settle this once again it was blue and it was black no we have one more video here for you. We shall we go safely without a figure for tomorrow let me just say it was a dog would have cattle and its hand. To stick relative do you.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"MLB stadiums are pulling out all the stops for opening day eats.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30113451","title":"The Best Of Ballpark Food","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-best-ballpark-food-30113451"}