Beyonce Headlines 'Made in America' Concert

The singer's husband, Jay Z, made a surprise appearance in the crowd to watch her perform.
3:57 | 09/07/15

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Transcript for Beyonce Headlines 'Made in America' Concert
Topping this hideous morning beyoncé did he date night sort of queen bee headlines Budweiser has made America festival and Philly on Saturday that their version but that night. Hello rapper husband cure rated a two day event inviting sixty artists and bam. To perform beyond his performance of course was a knock out spectacle. Ralph. The real old they're all those outlets including her number one fan. That's daisy himself hiding under the heavy gray hoodie blue room. Didn't have veto to beyoncé is one plus one. One heck of a night out for the pop music power couple eight he's always very vocal about being a fan of hers yet expecting her as an artist and as a performer. So this is just more proof of such an FCC if they September to speak beat it was a national ethnic if things that's a holiday holiday pilot Labor Day speaks. Connecticut debt. Plugged his so every comes in the news this morning seventeenth chart grabbed David Cassidy fell in his helmet for Lamar Lauderdale after declaring bankruptcy. The Partridge Family star lifting the 6400. Square foot mansion. 3.2. Million dollars it features six bedrooms up cool and that boat dock goes up. For action on Wednesday it's too bad to see that go rapper pretty sent. Meanwhile is trying to sell his eight million dollar mansion in Connecticut to settle his bankruptcy debts. But it's this house making news city posting this answer gravity are calling it his. Crib in Africa and promising the craziest house warming party ever. But no word on where. In Africa. It might be the something fishy about this thing is what you're post this video and they're going to bankruptcy proceeding exactly with all the money he's making with. Power guest stars I don't want to question Betty publicly has now. I I think. I don't recall and bring them festival and this morning 70000. People are heading home. From that experiment in community and art the tents are erected across six square miles of the Nevada desert. Well they're coming down and so is the unusual artwork directors on the spot. Highlights Saturday is burning of a wooden effigy of the man. Actor Susan Sarandon. Returning this year to scatter the ashes of her friend Timothy Leary the guru south second Elliott and that's singer Katy Perry first time burner posting. This video. For trying to rightist Segway despite the desert wind strange images. All over burning man this week which is nuts a strained right exactly are they just call it Monday. He can pick up in this game they RB artist aired about this on ally. It's probably lever and most well now. Exam but it is also. Hill with. He is the first. I was on a flight from LA to Dallas and ran into this this interest in coat on. As it was getting off the flight take a look at if you look close up it says. You type test celebs for self fees and we're saying. So have Mike hey Erica would you mind taking a self me so she grabbed my phone. And after the fact I noticed she clicked a couple of itself he's ever alone there. On the phone. Bad at it and hope we took a couple of photos there together bets that's rate. Love that piercing. I wonder she wears the code as a deterrent to people and not ask her or is an invitation what she was very very kind about it so she's like yeah sure that's so I think it's probably somebody would last if she goes you know it. Ed and this is truthful here she says. Yet you can you can take a picture with me. Well done but you can't use my phone. Right or actor. Actress at.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"The singer's husband, Jay Z, made a surprise appearance in the crowd to watch her perform.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33578888","title":"Beyonce Headlines 'Made in America' Concert","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-beyonce-headlines-made-america-concert-33578888"}