The Biggest Moments at the Emmys

Jon Stewart accepted the Emmy for “The Daily Show” for Outstanding Variety Talk Series.
4:48 | 09/21/15

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Transcript for The Biggest Moments at the Emmys
OK it's getting time this morning it's all about the 67 annual primetime Emmy Awards TV's big night in Hollywood with. Some breakthrough. To report that was a fun night overall veal or Davis earning. The top honor for an actress in a drama series for ABC's how to get away with murder she is the first nonwhite. Actress. The claim that prize referring to the abolitionist Harriet Tubman in her acceptance speech saying. You cannot win Emmys with roles that simply are not there. Jon Hamm broke his string of bad luck Colin onto the stage and it's accurate recede after. Eight best actor nominations finally winning for his iconic art. Mad men and game at the Rollins took the prize for best drama series setting a new record. For most and he wins ever the HBO fantasy scifi series earning twelve awards this year. Beating the west wings and curb bite me this is he looked. The show don't ideal of the show and I'm sure many of the fell fans are out there trying to see if the act to replace John Snow was on stage at. If that might be one clue that he's really not that because we know he's not dead we know that that was. Just fake blood at the end of it's he's coming back he's been spotted in Dublin. They're shooting okay fit in. Good to hear what sort of doesn't happen what I get to and that's who seek to. Had a big diaper beep winning top comedy series also writer and supporter actor awards. But starred Julie Louis-Dreyfus has made her fourth trip to the stage. At the award for best comedy actress. That's us but there were some high. Other high points of the night on a Jon Stewart and got the daily showed gang back together. To pick up the award for the best writing topped series Stewart stepped away from the show as you know after sixteen years. And it was clear he missed it. I've been off the television for six or seven weeks whatever it is this is the first applause I've heard it is. Is it barren waste land out there. Do you think he's coming back maybe possibly. But really did this was the night's biggest surprise you take a look. Comedian Tracy Morgan's triumphant return as a percent to book home fatal car crash that left him in a coma for eight days. Also revealing he's still got it. Now finally regained consciousness. I was juices started to learned that. I wasn't the one messed up. It was so great to see them finally stepped up days. And it's proof that he still has a sense of humor after all of that and he still going through physical and no doubt mental recovery from. That accident on the New Jersey Turnpike but. Yet the body remarkable to see him out there yet. Incredible and on the red carpet sound really hot stuff literally. Really hot stuff temperatures nearing 100 degrees. Actor host Mario Lopez tweeting these pictures of his shirt completely soaked through but. Plus everyone kept their very cool unbelievable Kerry Washington setting the tone and that's how police stressed. By mark. Thank Claire Danes and shining and a secret pride address with some hardware as well. And Christina Hendricks is also limited covered up for he I'll let this beaded gown by Max you're a sight to see. And Heidi who did she readies. Look at. It's fat little bit about life here I'm Versace gown and some pundits claim channeled another TV star. Big bird. And pick their radio collar. If it at a you don't fall it is pretty but did it is an homage to Sesame Street. And if you're little overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the great TV shows up in the most NE Sandberg opened last night's show with that video skit in which he locked himself away in a phone corporate year. Just a thing to watch all the shows his friends are talking about of course when he emerges he learns and there are lots more he still hasn't seen and the feeling. Murder society's U. You know it's people. Cuddy he thought I mean they're just too many and then when you're working the night shift that's and it's really radical. Yeah you sir binging on them during the day when you went once we get up and then why. Your sleep two minutes later but now that's a problem Catholic cites several shows out there that are really good right now. We gotta catch up into how to get away with murder and scandal they'll start this week and the Muppets.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Jon Stewart accepted the Emmy for “The Daily Show” for Outstanding Variety Talk Series.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33914724","title":"The Biggest Moments at the Emmys","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-biggest-moments-emmys-33914724"}