Christmas Gifts for Kids

Toy Insider Laurie Schacht shows off some of the hottest toys and gadgets to get your children for the holidays.
4:17 | 11/24/15

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Transcript for Christmas Gifts for Kids
Hi it's that special time of year again would you should be making your list and checking it twice. I think some help with ideas in your mock we've got toy insider Bob Murray sacked here with the hottest toys this holiday season and welcome back. You know our toys this year that are gonna fit every budget. And for every child we look at some really basic toys so there's a lot of great high tech staff but look what we're starting with puppets which by the way just became part of the toy all of fame. But look at these beautiful puppet I'm gonna give you Kermit. I'll take miss Kate eat on these I madam Alexander so puppets are great because it's nineteen courage imagine to play with the can't. But these are beautiful that all. Right you liking it. At. The IRA itself what's going to happen if everyone is going to fall in love with the new movie the good dinosaur. Which is pulling his arms down. Why our he racks galloping butch and watch what else he does he. Collects. That I know it's a galaxy could have come holding hands. And of course some movie phrase this kid did allow this movie I believe it's gonna be real tear Jerker for some parent who greets. So we know that party has just been out everything you could possibly imagine. But she's also an accomplished equestrian take a look at the next. Up. And then off she goes on her ex. Oh my god except that this is likely have to remote control car for boys and now we've got Barbie so this is our saddle and ride Barbie on and she's beautiful we still have the hare play we have beautiful hair on the horse and of course her horse takes or for lovely ride to new generation apart it's certainly as. Let's play set in place that help kids income you know and encourages imagination the paper hours but this special so this isn't new line pulled glitzy. And each said this chilling want. So this comes look Clementine this is her birthday party that she's that. But she always wanted to be a baker so watch what happens. What it was we start moving things around. Twist. Return we turn S. Into her bakery and we have Clementine right here there are Smart point comments so long to put her down social talked fast. I would that is he is really he had spared when her friends are with her they can talk to each that you put them on the Smart quit. And the be talking to return and he despite different separate and you by the French separately you can buy a lot of different stats so this is once at the as a whole line and how much is as citizens about forty when Alan. This busy. A Star Wars cap on everyone is waiting for the movie the force awakens coming in December and everyone's talking about it so let's just start with Disney and an 83 point L. This is all about star wears no we can still player at the games of their favorite characters but kids are gonna love this they're going to be able to go into this world and dried. Authentic star warm DS gulf how are you going to be a little play with my favors they are going to feel the force well how often talk about the foursome including here. And I want to talk to you what that out. These lights Danish. Right now every penny love's death. Why did the boys and getting into what you love it but we look at this. This is called the blade elders both so now not only can you play with light seems as you can customize your own wow wouldn't we are you knew my Halloween or. This is fanned pat well look what we can do above me and kids are gonna have a lot of fun customizing their own you can get more pieces you can ants away. And you have now look at look at you how powerful you are up it turned to doctrine and that. Understand how to get this raid on the show when the producers don't listen to what I'm saying it doesn't trip about their debt except that I'm so grateful that my son sleeping right now because this will be the gift that he would watch that's exactly the one that he is now on the net debt editor at or you have the best ideas and all in senator 65 dollars yesterday. Toy insider mom Laurie Shaq thank you so much what great ideas and for more information on these items it had her FaceBook page W an advance dot com. Happy holidays.

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{"id":35386099,"title":"Christmas Gifts for Kids","duration":"4:17","description":"Toy Insider Laurie Schacht shows off some of the hottest toys and gadgets to get your children for the holidays.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-christmas-gifts-kids-35386099","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}