Essential Toys That Are Perfect for Preschoolers

Toy insider Laurie Schacht shares the best new toys to engages young children.
4:27 | 10/05/15

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Transcript for Essential Toys That Are Perfect for Preschoolers
Parents to me you're in for few surprises in this morning are toy insider mom Laurie Shaq is here with. He essentials for that new born we say good morning and expect it and am assuming these are not for necessarily the consider straight out of the womb. Meg now you know most Americans are back at school but we have us preschoolers at home here and you know their learning from the world around them and of course from their playthings. One of the things that I loved most when we're buying something for little once. It's something that they'll grow went. So this is a girl let me talk toy it's called our V tech. Alphabet train it's the ultimate alphabet train so when he little they're sitting right candidate and their plane as they get older it's a walk Kirk. Finally they're sitting on it and will storage but a little cool things they're gonna learn. Color this. Numbers. Of course there's. Her nights so it doesn't stop teaching they have tons of fun. The kids all kinds of things what are the things we want to teach our kids to better things like nurturing and loving. So we pat that cake and eat quiche is to quell. This is our boy and a hug pat but she really is cute eight say he's a fun friend. I'm now he's got three different blood supply the first one would act and attach it as a dance note yeah. I'm a push a button or epic without a those that didn't like now we're gonna dance that pretty good together the second one teaches that ABC's. Once you threes and college so why does next. It. It cannot only. Pet fat fat fat fat I can't think that that's a phase a lot of but why can't it needs a governors and agreements. Or. Said Kidd did have a great time. Saying things to be bell and landing him in there that aren't so when it's a cannot try you out you have. Do you not sit he's been edited out with preschoolers for 25. Years now so he's really fun eighty teach kids about the world around him. Sprint things because this way art kids get to nurture you and help the mad a little bit less to things like you study there. Say he's called. And you might ask. Can I ask for something to. He isn't yes sir announcing he's as soon. I'm hearing really cute it's all about nurturing. And and he's fine now I don't know about you but I grew up with Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. Now is Daniel tiger's neighborhood and a lot missing friends and I knew growing up. Like prince Wednesday in Queens hair and a lot of new friends Jim and madness at that Daniel tiger's neighborhood. It's all about. Then a purse and all that different feelings kids knowing nobody talked to win their sad. Or what you know how to be appreciative and thankful so what are my favorites of course is the trolley that we ought to matter for a sec T get a real irony and member of the Dallas and married very upset at his or we're talking like isn't gonna go completely no not. I'm one of that the big hit on Disney junior now is miles from two Marla it and this is the status here that he travels and so it's great gets kids excited about space in south and problems that you can take this apart so let's take get the big (%expletive) yeah. And if you pick this up a little depth but lately for now what their patents. Miles and his small check right. OK the want to forget my ass and then if you would just open up the back. And to spread this amp put it down there's our headquarters look how cool this. Lights and action and the like. What does that teaches its kids excited that's the case or call eight. Our future NASA sent us there. Thank you so much sorry they get really appreciate and look for more details about these products and our. FaceBook page at WNN fans how come you're watching world news now.

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{"id":34251328,"title":"Essential Toys That Are Perfect for Preschoolers","duration":"4:27","description":"Toy insider Laurie Schacht shares the best new toys to engages young children. ","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-essential-toys-perfect-preschoolers-34251328","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}