Food Trucks Go Green

ABC's Tina Trinh investigates the growing trend of eco-friendly meals on wheels.
2:44 | 08/25/15

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Transcript for Food Trucks Go Green
I cannot believe what he told me commercial break you know but the food tracks Phillips said the food trucks in Texas are way better than the food trucks in New York ex outage on national. Yeah who do the same I gotta say I mean when it when the moment though when you need it and it's right there. They're here they're here they can give me exactly exactly what you need. While stumbling on food trucks can actually be like finding a meal in a way says spend. You're exactly what you need in a moment there's growing popularity in ABC's tech contributor tit trick shows us an eco friendly future of food truck. And while fast Sen definitely bigger than our American hot guy yeah. After you. I think if I'm on board he tried with south African Chad Hugo dates and showing me his version hot stuff. Everything about this we hear is unique right down disgusting which includes mustard me from big. What else makes it different this job was filled with solar power. It's all part of an initiative moves his tickets you've got to go green. Right now vendors were forced used generators that are run on gasoline or diesel from the fourteen hours a day. With nearly 8002 carts in New York City alone. Until hot and air pollution. One fruit cart off the road replacement with the move systems card is like taking 200 automobiles off the road. The highly combustible pro paintings traditional food carts also pose a safety. Vendors don't need to worry about handling propane tanks which are really feel for your backyard barbecue not with a heavy use of an urban population. Mitt systems and Harvey 100 tribes uses compressed natural gas as a cleaner fuel alternative. Along with solar power rechargeable batteries that charge electrical battery overnight. Is really what drives a lot of the statements that generators are now running about two hours today and much cleaner natural gas and that's where we see the dramatic emissions reduction. Hitting one in the noticeable things right away that huge brilliant solar panel on the top there but that alone. You want a few hours coward just an excellent panelists. It also serves as rates on room and provide increased penalties. Case in itself an inside me that great fights disease means what's right now. Hospital. Back that he had the right thing you know an ex girlfriend. Yet affable but when they hear of beauty or an environmentalist. That and results can be savored by everyone. Billet that. Tina trend ABC news New York. Then the first a 100 trucks and York city it will go to veterans because the president the company is a veteran himself help us out tell us your favorite food truck and W an advance dot com and got a lot Bob.

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{"duration":"2:44","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh investigates the growing trend of eco-friendly meals on wheels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33297862","title":"Food Trucks Go Green","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-food-trucks-green-33297862"}