A Griswold Reunion In The Works?

ABC has ordered a pilot script for a sitcom, in which Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo play a married couple.
3:17 | 09/16/14

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Transcript for A Griswold Reunion In The Works?
Welcome back. Time now for the skinny we -- with word of a reunion decades in the making. Potentially getting back to gather Chevy Chase Beverly D'Angelo who starred together in the course of -- National Lampoon vacation movies in the eighties and nineties. ABC has ordered a pilot script for sitcom in which Jason De'Angelo had to play a married couple although not necessarily agree as -- Part of plots will be seen them raising grandchildren I would love to see -- -- high heel and at least. Will be made with an eye toward 20152016. TDs -- insisting to. Look at big event parliament but can't we -- I. That's pretty -- -- in my hiring I only watch about 17100 times. Yes there's a big premiere of the new season of the view added kicked off but I have a tongue -- cheeks get the -- officers in the post. -- yeah -- and whether or not they were actually altogether when shooting a scene that's bad but -- they've -- some debate. But then again reports of their positions on the set -- on -- much smaller table creative. Also knows -- -- it was Rosie O'Donnell -- she lost fifty pounds. From a gastric sleeve she sat barefoot -- your -- that -- not prophetic here. -- -- co host conversed not serious subject matters but no fireworks yet yet yet the operative word on yet there. The fact that Barbara Walters is soaring. Able to get in on the joke yeah right yeah I mean she's a piece of -- -- -- -- very much. A hand in the view there. So a big -- took George Clooney and the upcoming awards season Clooney will be the recipient of the next Cecil B. DeMille award. At next year's Golden Globes the awards handed out annually to a person. -- -- -- an incredible impact. In the world of entertainment to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- including from his achievements. On both sides of the camera and humanitarian arena. Working to help the people Darfur and -- he does do quite a lot. -- you -- very well rounded yes very well run but it's supposed to be around that time I think it Shiites I think -- -- -- scheduling conflict. We'll send flowers. -- -- up today is a big day. Barbara Streisand fans have really been waiting for that's right that's who -- in the latest studio album today for 34 studio album in fact partners. Its collection -- twelve classic duets twelve powerhouse -- -- rating from Stevie Wonder Billy jolt John Legend even through the knowledge of my magic of technology. Elvis Presley -- -- Robin Roberts sat down with Barbara herself in an interview that will air later this morning -- Good Morning America. I just feel is that Barbara Streisand would be awake at this hour don't you feel totally. I feel like she's the cover personal essentially thirty seconds at a time and then gets up and some -- the world I think she waits until. -- It is productive I completely agree arts and celebrity -- address on race today -- celebrating king that -- BB king turned. Master magician illusionist David Copperfield turning 58 former SNL comedian actress Molly Shannon fifteen. I felt like leading actress Amy Poehler -- 43 other big happy birthday to all of you.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"ABC has ordered a pilot script for a sitcom, in which Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo play a married couple.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25529760","title":"A Griswold Reunion In The Works?","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-griswold-reunion-works-25529760"}