Haunted IKEA

IKEA Singapore created a single-shot homage to the horror movie classic, "The Shining."
2:55 | 10/22/14

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Transcript for Haunted IKEA
Or from. Downtown for the next steps you can get up passion thank you thank you. Hudson house IKEA you like this than I did what. I he has turning in their Singapore store into a haunted house kind of like the shining take a look. It is the ultimate haunted house is what they're calling. Stores open until 11 PM. And there's an evening game Halloween spot and win contest keep their eyes peeled because you could stand to win kept cards. It looks like the shining in his. President have a lot of lives and rights in turn this is that I deliberately distorting some tonight into the school. That this kind for the giving away please stop so while I'm at westside. In my school. Would you go for overboard right now. What was to happen went overboard do you not walking down the street you're on the board at its people and it's hovering over the ground. Someone some good things up it exists what's finger and it can be yours Prince Harry edges and only use it in one place in the world as of now but hey let me union community. For the starting your kick start campaign to try to get to a fifty grand for this thing was built by Greg and you'll Henderson but they've raised almost 200000 dollars so far. Yes that is a overboard if it works but it only works in these specialized skate parks right now had to have a special surface. It'll cost continue to Randy gonna buildings parks bucks. This could be the wave of the future down the road hover boards do exist. Waiting attend Grande and you have to have a special surfaced about 1010 grand I want went surface to come what. With the hub report does that we'll be angry David have a way to ease the gold ten grandchildren and my heart protect grad degree right to immigrant can happen. Things you look at that great New York shook up up up. Followed TJ rich people problems go to the club you know what might not necessarily be mr. But the problems and it could. Let this the next I don't even know what is now. The next one is in Norway and look at credible light show the Arora Borealis look at this is not a time lapse this is the real deal. Document of ice Sony camera. Does not look incredible this was I was skeptical Lisbon but is cool but to Anders legal trans no Norway. Sometimes the pictures you just let them go we have to explain hold on don't happen as a pretty picture. It looks like coming up a Star Trek but it's kind of for Israel to. Our last one year we can show you and we'll let business before it's over as well enrolled at what he. There. Eyewitness any of the other way okay what does not. Tuesday people dancing is old news YouTube hits the home got about four million hits. Oh I've missed and loved for what this is in Jennifer of the faith he made his media reports that there is going through seventh round of chemo trying to lift her spirits that we're gonna kick cancers usually. Pop.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"IKEA Singapore created a single-shot homage to the horror movie classic, \"The Shining.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"26366809","title":"Haunted IKEA","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-haunted-ikea-26366809"}