Hillary Hits the Campaign Trail

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton met with a family from Michigan, while making a quick campaign stop in Pennsylvania.
1:39 | 04/13/15

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Transcript for Hillary Hits the Campaign Trail
Good morning arena nine NF Ryan Smith for the top stories on this Monday April 13. Hillary Clinton is already at the campaign trail after launching her second run for the White House yesterday of social media. Just wait out this photo with a family from Michigan law stopping for gas of Pennsylvania on our way to Iowa but the Republican attack ads are already shifting into high gear. But opponents were there along party. Are skeptical about her allegiance of the little class suggesting she's a closer friend to Wall Street banks. Florida senator Marco Rubio was expected to formally announce his White House run later today with a third declared Republican in the race we'll be all of rising star within the GOP. Opposing abortion and gay marriage end favor ring eliminating taxes. On the wealthiest Americans don't much anticipated season five of the premiere of game of throw that aired last night. Some friends that have to wait the first four episodes of the HBO fantasy series were leaked online 24 hours early. Was legally downloaded more than a million times and HBO suggests the leak came from a review copy sent to a member of the media we promised. It wasn't us Levin asked Saturday for professional golf haven't the next big thing 21 year old Doris beast the second youngest man ever to win the Masters Tournament speak. Left determined wire to wire finishing up as champion by forced ropes yesterday earning his first masters green jacket and pocketing. One point eight million dollars is that pain for a guy who's just 21 I'd have to Wear a jacket. Have we get there and play golf I get port city diving Expedia dot com I'm rain and writes that thanks for watching.

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{"duration":"1:39","description":"Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton met with a family from Michigan, while making a quick campaign stop in Pennsylvania. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30274240","title":"Hillary Hits the Campaign Trail","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-hillary-hits-campaign-trail-30274240"}