The Hottest Pet Gadgets of 2015

From toys to safety collars, the Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo has the year’s best gadgets for your fluffy friends.
4:34 | 03/17/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Hottest Pet Gadgets of 2015
When temperatures finally warming up people and their pets are rediscovering the great outdoors and just in time for spring. Vendors in this year's annual global pet expo in Orlando Florida showed up a bumper crop of new pet toys accessories and joining us this morning with his topics. Is addictive Marcello the gives away is from two what dot TV good routine day. Good morning I had some funds stuff. You know unfortunately a ballot two million dogs are kidnapped every year and people go into stores and restaurants and they just leave their pets. Outside. So if you do that I would never do that this is called safe spot so this is all locking leash. Shortly so this is the doggie Colin and that locks here the other ran you pop you up pops out this and this goes around something immovable parking meter or tree you can adjust the lent them that they released just cut you know what there is a steel cable inside billionaire can feel not yet and then and then this locks you take the key with you obviously also. Most kidnappings are a running grant so they're not gonna fuss around with there's still Disco get a dog whose. Let's say your right right so that's a safe spot. These condiments for pets and their hats took that. Now we catch it we as Hamas did. Should go to the guy any guy could well written here they are condiment like what they have vitamins and nutrients and glucosamine. Pet that pet chip. OK so we have pets shipped we have bought. Bar walk but cute and caught this is my favorite we have mutton a I think if you want but they and they haven't for cats is me out stood. And do they taste you know what I don't know I didn't want to open before they show blood since I got them my dogs have been at the box they came headache. So did things got yes yes they did they do like him. This is new from hyper pet. This is now a small mini cannon for smaller dogs. You pull back on it the further back pew poll the first Ruble will go out so we don't want to break a lot of equipment so I just pulled it back to the first not. Oh I forgot to put the ball and look at his what are we put about this is when it when you pull it back. If didn't. If the dog has picked up the ball several times has you know good p.s on it just pushed. Then wounded and in Littleton. Who hollow when stressed that don't hit the TV. That's viable and that he also planned for a toddler. You know I'm not bad not bad. This this is need this is cold doggie pet needs from bust OK and when you throw Sachs now if you don't think either millisecond. Would you do if you throw the stacking things in here OK and then they have to figure out in the and tonight cushion with Mike Paul I'm getting to come to the end flower pulled out with my tongue but it that makes him who do they ever just give up. You know what I it. Again I didn't try to they want things to be salon I absorbed yes yes it's what he's gentle we have one display not already on this truck driver OK any deal designed a covenant. Well that is used for this looks like. And the mommy worlds a breastfeeding pillow. Both got no get expect no I didn't know nobody's breeding of dogs okay this is very clever this is puppy bumper. OK and you can see. On the package give a tiny dog whose small enough to run through the pickets of your friends. You put this little guy and he hanging and his head didn't go through Rican way out but the rest of whom won't go through because the puppy bumper and doesn't get done a little. Calling that they sometimes have to Wear it does it. No I don't think so gray the collector's video on their website and this goes on and the collar of the door so it doesn't flip that's great I can't rate going to be prop friend penny that last thing called a snack and duo a day in the paw this is really need so there's a wall down the center of this this cited for dry food. This site is for water but when you get to the clock U push down on this. And you have a little. Adams Jeannie. Hole oh my gosh you can use this for reading yes I know you can hang it from you about how. Well what you always find a bass and about never crossed neat stuff next does months housewares okay reports that. Thanks again Dick garner. Did the way Dick DeBartolo and jet get more information on the products and more check out did with duct is planning a merger FaceBook page WN and span dot com. Well now we'll look.

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{"id":29688558,"title":"The Hottest Pet Gadgets of 2015","duration":"4:34","description":"From toys to safety collars, the Giz Wiz Dick DeBartolo has the year’s best gadgets for your fluffy friends.","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-hottest-pet-gadgets-2015-29688558","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}