How to Make A Classic Chicken Pot Pie

ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make one of America's favorite foods, the chicken pot pie.
3:50 | 08/27/14

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Transcript for How to Make A Classic Chicken Pot Pie
-- -- -- -- And -- and I've not heard me. It's fantastic that is weird Al paid tribute to Latin America's favorite foods that chicken pot pie now although a lot of -- and the idea that you get at present are the restaurant. You can -- do it's actually not too hard to make yourself apparently -- let's head to one of New York's most popular eateries to learn their secret recipe. ABC -- trend takes us. Into the insomnia the truth. And sunny and we're checking out -- -- today but get this morning hopefully in Manhattan. I'm here that they haven't off into the pop -- here so we're gonna find out. Where in the kitchen -- corporate -- -- -- -- -- Could then show us how to make your guys his signature chicken popped high what does secret because as reported in the old enough for that work these missiles -- very important. So it's all about the press in the -- yes. Got it DNA shows how to Meet the Press. Just -- it was very simple. But bouquet -- And then we have the -- OK we do -- -- every day. Yeah. -- You start -- his shoulder Isabel don't go to what the -- the Milwaukee Bucks. -- we'll be out. Now trying to make it thought that we're gonna give his first and then and the feeling in my -- and unaffiliated okay guys let's. We -- -- -- zoning rules -- -- of the -- Hillary is going but no evidence seasons that a video regular. We didn't say we'll go 11. Baby when you go -- beautiful graft. And what is happening here. This is that won't keep it weak cool -- did she can mean if she can solve that secretive Ferris -- criticize him for child. Just -- side. Potato. Celery we use an owner of fresh corn. Political consultative in virtually every department get these purchases. Of rhododendron. -- Couples is the chicken inside fearing it tended to see this dialogue that was that was a tirade across separated from coming into the red at its. Good thing just to sit -- at a -- I'll -- what other than it is. -- -- -- -- -- So we just stick to our beautiful high -- at a then and -- -- ready to sell -- -- -- to be. We're missing at top right yes we visited -- We come up we'll talk. -- Remove road accidents on I think he's -- you can regularly can you what did you -- on this isn't making in Brooklyn that the plane and yet you -- moment of change. It's not -- styled. But I -- that it's better. Drooling right now waiting OK -- -- an -- While -- -- really good. Well landlocked and has a lot like what those cheesy anchor not slowed don't know -- this and really it's actually tastes like garbage they're not really really really good. I've -- -- -- this is the best thing Washington investment one of the best things about being on world news now we're gonna try to get more -- segments on they know periodically and has its awesome man I think is that those -- society your head so you basically can. Enjoy his next two or three days you coming and it put me -- -- shelf when. May be different if you want this is. Also Thanksgiving Thanksgiving haven't in the middle of a volatile pollutants carbon free -- very well on the concept right through it and -- better when news.

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{"duration":"3:50","description":"ABC's Tina Trinh learns how to make one of America's favorite foods, the chicken pot pie.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25140595","title":"How to Make A Classic Chicken Pot Pie","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-make-classic-chicken-pot-pie-25140595"}