Newborn Puppy Photo Shoot

A couple came up with a brilliant idea to stop their in-laws from asking them about babies.
2:51 | 08/24/15

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Transcript for Newborn Puppy Photo Shoot
And now it's time for the mixed up you've been married duped never never. One thing you've got to remember. Never ever let your in laws or your parents pressure you wind to have children Ellen asked when you get out of may be winning have a baby once you're married so this is what one couple did. They decided to do would newborn she is what their job look at it. Q photographs. This is Humphrey their dog as a baby. And these are sort of traditional photos you see that people would shoot win their little baby stuff but instead. Freeze right there in the middle walking barefoot with bat. See how things that you mean they don't troll was just. These are typically shots bundled up a look at fat also why don't they if they don't need to make fun of people who have actual newborns. But this was just what they say they have a lot of time and want to get back in Lungren who. Meanwhile about when they can have kids. So the answer is we don't know yet mama. There you go don't know dogs are cheaper than kids strip much cheaper but the dog played along. Nice very few house night's alright I'll let thought about a 23 year old reporter from a website called the master ball and he was given an assignment. And he embraced it. Really weird but he embraced it anyway he'll let you explain exactly what he did what he had to dress up like a baby famous one so I'm Max Knoblauch. This week on dressing like prince George the royal baby. I'm a reporter here prince George is always making the news for his outfits he's the most fascinating figure in the world right now. He's a baby he's done nothing with his life much like I've done nothing with mind perfect for this. Ago he really embrace that he showed up not only to work but he went around New York City spending a week. Dressed up like the royal navy they're like a baby is there you go a little weird hah hah of the toddler prince is. Not only does it mean alive he said the one thing he took out of this visited New Yorkers simply do not their way to address what I don't think that people would know it was prince storage. You write it would write Florida let's you have that's Witten you just and regular New York they're doing which in Europe things that's very interesting that out. Kind of weird Korea very much each. There is a young girl who's making the rounds on buying videos. She posted this video look at that that the ultimate that flipped. Ring would act very cool we don't know Lucius she posted this about thirteen hours ago. Almost two million hits on vines says we know that she's wearing a cedar hills softball T shirts we think. That it might be from this point how us but she just doesn't so nonchalantly. She's cool she's Compton got together dozens wasteful political out of it by far the most impressive part is not about flip in this little kitchen does right here foam fat is tough to do.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"A couple came up with a brilliant idea to stop their in-laws from asking them about babies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"33273507","title":"Newborn Puppy Photo Shoot","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-newborn-puppy-photo-shoot-33273507"}