Scientists Discover Over 200 New Species

Scientists have found several new types of animals in the Himalayas in the past 5 years.
2:53 | 10/05/15

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Transcript for Scientists Discover Over 200 New Species
And on this Monday makes welcome you back we have like some really really cool. Cool pictures and some fascinating and he just let's start first of what the world wildlife. They've discovered and they've come up with found. Some 200 he species that they've discovered in the Himalayas a lot of these areas wildly untapped source you know. And Berman such and this is one of the new guys that they discovered a snub nosed monkey. That sneezes. In the range after the no intelligence to hold up there. It is. Accurate it looks like that. It's seasons in the raid OK here's another cool one this is a walking fish. That. It really blocked it out of the water pockets out of the water and goes for sprawl K. This one is kind of scared. This is the Dracula. Fish sea life. Ahead it once again this is more than 200 species that they've found and they've also found a 133. Plant species and her brand new not just the rest. It's not dressing up for Halloween this is really real deal and this is how it cleans up and assistance Sunday best pop up out of this guy's blue eyed frog. And this little piper here. To they've made some cool discovers it's all in the last five years in the area and involve north Myanmar and time. Found these these species that's great music is it's not discovered that area a lot of his untapped. For Germany areas in the world that on tap but that area in particular it's finally and now being opened up to world and that the scientists have discovered this. Fascinating very fascinating. You know mama is no matter whether they are humans aliens for polar bears they always look out for their young Oregon they put a number behind. Had taken a polar bear area. Youngster does not think in. Calls in to the pool. Mama come this movie tried it pushes them up. Trying to teach how to swing mama told them the put and that's our benefit and another to put in the pool fence with expensive but. She's trying to help and we think with the learning process. Absolutely and Dugard reach out that it almost a billion views on this one on YouTube. Understandably OK we're talking about the cool pictures and this is really fascinated these people are absolute geniuses. They have taken. The hot dog and Disney and brought him to get us talking about looking peach. Think that have made Disney characters out of their hot dogs stacking everything princesses and turn them in the hot former consul there. Are in paid up. To balance. Look at that. Kelly center luster it looks like cheese and mustard it think it is some form of muscle odds of another class looking. Yes. Whenever when of the folks call them winners real owners that it's clever but above us. It's good that news this half hour.

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"Scientists have found several new types of animals in the Himalayas in the past 5 years. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34251378","title":"Scientists Discover Over 200 New Species","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-scientists-discover-200-species-34251378"}