Selfies Can Be Harmful

Attempted selfies have caused more deaths so far this year than shark attacks.
2:55 | 09/28/15

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Transcript for Selfies Can Be Harmful
OK so the whole welcome to the make civil craze about SE it's really gotten out of and dangerous it it has gotten absolutely dangerous there is a researcher who. Did this whole study about cell fees and found that more people died. Taking southeast then. From shark attacks don't mind twelve people died taking itself Ed you can that cannot stand. Like this is me on the for a five mind you were our hope for. The only way you are ever on the par five but art if they had what else to do but take and this is you for a living dangerously bears would camp very good can't. And yet it's playing that way. Yes and I found it in America and Russia they actually started an ad campaign to teach people to be cautious when taking yourself you like that's just living dangerously there for. Karen Conde. But right quick. It's. Now so there's a sharks don't think it's helped me with a shark expert sessions if he's not really about it is even though like me you take pictures with dog. My dad cater is all over my answer gram in count but sometimes and for governors you know this it's really hard here doesn't pay attention to the Kyra Phillips now over the place so low. These people have basically it's basically a tennis ball up and ate school meets today yeah you're the dog's attention. They're being told app for seven dollars and household the household has soared to getting an outline. But as he attacked his right the top of your phone but that and it squeaks in an absolutely your dog looks up right at that second beneath that the it was a chance. Yes of the dog owners in the city of saying yes absolutely it. All right speaking of photographer in a little bit of a theme going on here so this couple in Estonia and Eastern Europe were about to get married and the bride said you know what. I'm not gonna spend as much money these other people do on winning photographer you got out this summer it's pricey. It is apparently expecting thank you to wait your photos that so she decided that she would be her own wedding photographer not just a bride so this is our wedding day from her perspective she snapped all of the pictures from her. Perspective then. They came up pretty good so that's a groom waiting for our. And you have plenty of other shots of like the wedding party the bouquet that's not addicts are sharing that have really get fun but she was missing who looks at the photo. All apparently quickly have to show you baseball players in their underwear. New York Mets are leaving Ohio they clinch their division and and before other rookies were allowed to board the plane they have to Wear. The President Clinton in division yeah. A should save clinch the division so they don't really they're not used so that you know if Erica if it so this is handy picture than this on the routes. Another Randy excuse me by the way they had to wait for the Pope. To clear out affiliate where they can even go so they were in those for a little bit longer up. It's it's not it's just not an Everest.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Attempted selfies have caused more deaths so far this year than shark attacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"34097329","title":"Selfies Can Be Harmful","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-selfies-harmful-34097329"}