Veggie Ice Cream!?

On this Try-Day Friday, ABC'S Tina Trinh samples the vegetable version of one of America's favorite desserts.
3:44 | 11/21/14

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Transcript for Veggie Ice Cream!?
All right we're far removed for summer but that doesn't mean we can't really enjoy your frozen treat frame the district moved up inside it might be a good idea to go with something healthier than the typical let's. OK we heard that there is this vegetable version of of ice cream them bundle to thinking and what we're told us is actually really good stuff ABC's teenage friend Dave into the sports on tried a Friday. We all know we should be eating our vegetables every game but. It's gonna be a better witness. Kitchen with the co founders sport that GE. And then again you know you guys you have this frozen sorbet may have been vegetables I think it was. Good me. Tina we have news doing good completely. It is good it six but it does have some amazing commends the vegetables adjusting our nation's. The site in the first place what they were coming home from work out and were walking down the street. And that is one it was important to Liz says. If you want to fight him have you worked out I didn't back. It will blow you won't Daniel book of numbers that you're quite healthy alternative to ice in. In past that and lead to rapid fire when we've you know we. Our Aniston is case. You have to sort of my favorite this is these BC. This is the if you were at these levels of love that her thinness. And that grounded flavor. It is so good yeah yeah yeah Powell and beat would taste so good frozen frozen. Also yeah yummy but connects very different this is our spinach kale didn't think floral. News yeah. I'm only doing this because managing tailored good for you good Gloria absolutely absolutely and thirty count. Serving and Merrill refreshing. So that was going into action news carry passengers a pregnant as Sam you have these blog post fight for you hear the lung cancer by. Which goes amazing with the character in Iraq okay what do you think with like a regular oatmeal cookie without work. Yet a degrading that's going to be great thing about our products that was totally different flavors you can really you know hide at the grocery store then to get home do whatever you like. Do things. All you know. If you like that you're gonna announce try my personal favorite. This is our outlook out of the sun. Week the best organic avocados we have some cucumbers juice. That look at it and zip exist we have some fashion images. And as we like to sprinkle in with some of the fresh herbs parsley you're gonna make another I think don't have this liberties that dot chocolate me thirteen. And the part that's the main thing. Here's to you thank you so much and how much trying to do so it is. Spinach and kale they're trying to I don't know that's going to be an ice cream I think you should try it follow there of course we will. Spinach until we have what B it and some yup. Try it. When he thank good. Better way of getting back to his right. It doesn't things like night and it doesn't terroristic Mandarin orange and ginger before that sounds like ice cream. That makes ginger kick to it over this delicate he's like kids stealing and spins it does take so it's just frozen Killen expect. I'm not big fan of appeal in skinheads. But do you think you can get it this way. There seem to but that could have been paying him. But little head and cried out to all. It's pretty good news. You can. I think it.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"On this Try-Day Friday, ABC'S Tina Trinh samples the vegetable version of one of America's favorite desserts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27074856","title":"Veggie Ice Cream!?","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-veggie-ice-cream-27074856"}