'WNN' Insomniac Theater

"World News Now" reviews "The Identical" and "The Longest Week."
2:48 | 09/05/14

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Transcript for 'WNN' Insomniac Theater
-- -- now for insomniac -- according to film expert. It was eighteen dismal summer movie season yet but now that Labor Day -- past good things change for the better this weekend. We'll probably not among the films coming out today or what some critics called the worst of the year. Here's a look at a movie called the idea that -- it's about a pair of twins separated at birth. One becomes a huge rock and roll star in the likeness of Elvis and the other does not. There's also music but apparently not much substance and planning a police -- take -- -- -- I'm going anywhere -- to this girl. Agrees to go out on a date with me. Or you rest I have a couple of different than what areas. Are seeing here. He's the one -- -- and I. It. Just a couple -- with the boy what would it -- Well the reviews definitely hurt this one seems to sum it all up. Dreadful because Elvis impersonator can't leave the building soon enough. In this review with a silver lining of sorts and Jordan -- of the guardian says. It's a movie so bad that -- want to watch it -- all your friends as a real possibility we'll have midnight screenings of this picture for years to come out no boy looks. Heading out to a romantic comedy starring Jason Bateman -- apple when an English sign from a prominent New York family. In -- -- crisis he's forced to move in with his best friend and finds himself. Stealing his girlfriend. The film seems to be going -- that Woody Allen style of wit. With some Wes Anderson -- and take a look -- How nice person she is here Atlantic -- -- weeks after it takes them out anti your head around them any -- tomorrow I'm Cynthia and that. -- -- -- I'm sorry but I am very sensitive to an audience reaction and I couldn't let that -- What do critics couldn't get into -- either it seems as. I have romantic comedy -- late life coming of age immaterial the film are falls short of the transformative experiences. Typical of the genres and another the longest week is little more than a series of insipid conversations between -- aristocrats. -- no -- at each other. In monotone. No it see it I might and you it's they had been really cannot stay at home yeah it's so good at quickly get any time but I like. Don't know really doesn't work -- there what's -- football. -- -- that Sunday residents in this half hour remembered abolished on FaceBook at W and fans.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"\"World News Now\" reviews \"The Identical\" and \"The Longest Week.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"25258583","title":"'WNN' Insomniac Theater","url":"/WNN/video/world-news-now-wnn-insomniac-theater-25258583"}