Where In The World Is Santa?

Santa Claus made his way around the world overnight.
2:55 | 12/25/14

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Transcript for Where In The World Is Santa?
Or. All right he's seen that that it can't that she on the moon he. And in some serious ground there can be kids. And kids young at heart that he tracking them all night long he. On the somewhere over headed toward each player can now. Chapman fun and it's been on a long journey. Story behind the home NORAD that. I do that how did that come about suddenly 68 years had a 1965. Through the classified ads for skiers and their little boy. Can call that a number it was a wrong number and it went to. Colonel Harry shoe that was in Colorado at the time and he played along with the boys. Is all you Santa. And get on the phone with him for quite awhile. And then that turned into the colonel calling into radio stations and saying hey this is where you can find Santa. And the parents through Wednesday that course we know it's grown into the radio and online now and it's been all this. Tracking every sense and now Santa has GPS he's gonna get up Cuba tonight because. Now you can get there without an analyst can dance first. Seven yes of the I don't want to check. What series thinks about Santa right now and see if you can answer some of my senate question turnouts. It's been a theory here. Will Santa be visiting my house tonight. I have no idea. About the milk and cookies. Taste no words what you. I laid out an optimist thank you have I been naughty or nice this year her. Nights I don't I referring to go ask perhaps. Okay here goes a double set of questions there at live pictures one more. Word of Santo live. Your heart to know what I call. The north's ultimate in my heart that it's a really cold place there. Are right now we're moving on to the next story here critics story. Take a look at these gingerbread house is there it not your average gingerbread house there are a little dilapidated but there are suppose to symbolize. Sort of. The community needs in Detroit that's all part of an auction before you can bid on these houses in the money that's raised will go. To help you born out somebody vacant homes in the area. Yeah it's it's a great of those life ideas and even those pretty ugly on the outside goes towards a good cause. Some other pretty pictures for you right now because it is Christmas all around the world even in. Zoos around the world some pictures or we're getting from animals all over opening their presents the daylight fears. These are some pictures from Prague and is enough Burton and Sydney Australia among them the acute case of very wild card.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"Santa Claus made his way around the world overnight. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"27825081","title":"Where In The World Is Santa?","url":"/WNN/video/world-santa-27825081"}