World's most luxurious travel destinations

ABC News' Kendis Gibson catches up with travel expert Mark Murphy for the inside scoop on the most lavish vacation spots.
4:27 | 03/28/17

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Transcript for World's most luxurious travel destinations
The traveling into Dell would often think of flying friends and last but how else where you land. It's important I sat down with mark we're free he has one of the coolest jobs around gets paid to travel the world. Hitting all of the best destinations. He's been a more than seventy countries around the world heat is the most interesting man in the world. Can speak. Who isn't the guy from the oldest sickest part. Spitzer's Mark Murphy has been in done quite a bit. But don't while I mean that's him eating up every room. So who also asked about everything travel Dan Murphy himself your favorite. And most of them here is ridiculous. Lots around the world I exit to Haiti that's specifically Bora Bora. And you go any state to see Regis hotel and headed over what about England's 2800 square feet at. Bigger than most outbreaks and a heck of lot better than the apartments in New York City. And then you had. Room service coming in the morning bringing breakfast and sit outside on your little gap is that order bungalows could cost effective back. Cash dollars and night it's popular for celebrities. It's popular for honeymooners. Among them Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. Including mood in this alluded to teach and resort in 2006. But say you're an American power couple. Apparently that the nation in Scottsdale Arizona is the place to be at least one of them. Great golf resort great spot resort and want to know whether it's a luxury property guests who stayed there over. The first panel. You very private aides very luxurious you wanna have fresh cut fruit you have some campaign didn't literally. At your Beck and call have five star service and seizing the initiative and climb up 50812100. But of heading to desert isn't on your level. Perhaps getting knocked to the Hotel Jerome in Aspen Colorado would be. More to your liking. Yet three amazing restaurant she got that she'll vibe that's like old school Aspin and that's what people fall in love with. In terms of the service and experience Aspin is a real celebrity hang reign as Jessica Biel for instance. I stages you can request the room and this week that just the real thing that might creepy at all. What was stance on sweet it that Jessica Beale street was hurt in a and if you do happen to pack your bags for lavish trip across the pond to London to you might want to pack your wallet as well. And your entire bank one of my favorites. Is a bag. Leone great location. And it has this really cool hits bar there have been many sightings at this bar so we're talk and Will Smith. How is very Alpa chino. I think I had the most expensive drink I ever had where it and like I was like a hundred dollars for wa. It was an older that no record now as his son aged urban wouldn't like in Capetown. I like the twelve apostles hotel. Amazing ocean views and amazing views they'll talk now and twelve apostles range. You can dine outside. How about a range and a helicopter charter one so we can just hop over as opposed to waving an hour when the next shuttle. That's luxury. The rooms go for upwards of 101000 dollars a night but were these benefits probably bracelets in your movie. Are having dinner in their restaurant and you brought your kids. They will actually take your kids away from you as a couple and you'll entertain kids of yadier hairs on his successor the but only through eight years old. That would be worth it have to do and thank god appear hotel here is New York for lending us their lavish penthouse suite for Dana react Tuttle be for longer for like the night. We know now this very what our reviewer done. Most people yet it would pay ransom to get their kids backed candidates I'll throw thousands of dollars to get away Italy's hypothetical children take my kids quit a paradigm for rural comedienne but it's a very nice little place is down there. And we just. Easy money money.

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{"id":46414632,"title":"World's most luxurious travel destinations ","duration":"4:27","description":"ABC News' Kendis Gibson catches up with travel expert Mark Murphy for the inside scoop on the most lavish vacation spots. ","url":"/WNN/video/worlds-luxurious-travel-destinations-46414632","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}