World's Oldest Yoga Instructor is a 'Real-life Forrest Gump!'

97-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch talks to ABC's Reena Ninan about her secret to happiness and how she's managed to accomplish so much in her lifetime.
5:04 | 11/13/15

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Transcript for World's Oldest Yoga Instructor is a 'Real-life Forrest Gump!'
Saturn music obscenities and it is OK so she's a former dancer model and actress for the past three years has been recognized as the world's oldest living yoga teacher. Tao for Sean lynch has been bending stretching and breathing her way into along Japanese since the Coolidge presidency but are positive message today. It's really timeless. Meet the real line Forrest Gump missing shield. 397. Years works on the latest McDonald's has witnessed historic moment firsthand. And met with some of the most influential icons like Bob Hope Dali Lama and deep thought so. But unlike the famed character played by Tom Hanks. Her secret is a half. If the most pure Mac G stretching. And her longevity has made her the oldest living yoga teacher. Born in India and 1918. How moved to France as a young woman. She had early success in modeling for fame designers like Coco Chanel. When World War II broke out she found herself drawn into the resistance. Against Nazi Germany. And it was then that she realized the how were a positive change in teaching yoga to others. Didn't change the nicest thing that I can accomplish. Is when somebody says they can't cure something tonight show them they can. She toward the US and even wrote over 300 film scripts. Combining a career in show business with her love of yoga and called a social activism. She's walked with Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. But she credits her uncle who raised her with teaching her compassion and acceptance. Whether you're down on and if that note that even a foment maybe it'll attract enough education. But she knows more about the showing a venue to shape you're in their trip to about science. What is your secret to success in life children they re kept in the morning. I salute this is going to be the best of my he really say that to yourself what you be approaching her mind materialized since. Children don't materialize anything negative materialized everything positive. She's broke her wrist and had the re hip replacements. But how doesn't count the injuries or live in the years. And she has no intention of slowing down. I'm not anxious to have and what I can do nothing seemed possible. In fact and a dance and she didn't mind. Since then she won more than 701. Place dance prices. Even traveling to countries as far away as India where she danced with some beef to process. A famed Bollywood choreographer. And thanking whoever has come across. The loan fee Banesto food how has inspired people all over the world younger rules. She makes I didn't passion on her student. He's hesitant careless she was so it's like choosing child. What you're going to do when your wrist tapped. You should end up going three attack. I see him going to bounced my way to next planet. Just say that while it won't make sense. We put a man on the moon. When I think it's to be your age ambient to find you do you ever think about that from the other side. Known. And you have refuting that said. This is not the end of life this tiny little panicked right and she offers this advice for younger generation. Don't procrastinate. Some are never comes. We're me won't have to midnight is already tripled wow what keeps you. I wasted no time trying to figure out her moves. He never stopped trying nasty out rantmaster bielsa meet them I took puke. Joseph I knew I think nine to inspire and apply Gymboree new options. To bring you. Can bring you had been there from the primary to the real. And job since into the night you know. Sharon teen. How cool. She is hands down one of the top three people I've ever interviewed in my life and such an inspiration and sultan of the new book out dancing light. Bring when he was looking for Christmas gift it tells the story but she. Really believes what every manifesting your hat and whatever you believe it comes out and I think she's a classic example of how. Thinking positively can really transform US and look for whole theory of living in the moment one minute after midnight is a new day and to. Start each day as if it's different in. What was like the big inspirational moment that you got from her. That I would have to cut off my legs if I wanted to get into those you'll look as. One of the many takeaways dialer business break flexible.

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{"duration":"5:04","description":"97-year-old Tao Porchon-Lynch talks to ABC's Reena Ninan about her secret to happiness and how she's managed to accomplish so much in her lifetime.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"35173526","title":"World's Oldest Yoga Instructor is a 'Real-life Forrest Gump!'","url":"/WNN/video/worlds-oldest-yoga-instructor-real-life-forrest-gump-35173526"}