A New York City Skyline Timelapse

1 World Trade Center's elevators will feature a three-dimensional timelapse of Manhattan's skyline.
2:54 | 04/21/15

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Transcript for A New York City Skyline Timelapse
Kirk how to mix. You know let's let's get the birth stories and get right to reign as we gonna do this and burst. How mean what we know the new one World Trade Center the I'm gonna take you inside here this is up and cool they've done with. The elevator they take you up to the observatory at the new tower if you will the new one world trade Sydor. And it what it does take used to take you through 550 years of history of the tip of Manhattan in the you see it being built up now one thing you've got to know what's coming up on the right. It show that from this perspective and you're going to see part of the history of more Manhattan. Of course the Twin Towers which are no longer there and you see the Twin Towers pop up as part of the history and then you've their dismal right. And then it fades away that represented being there had been no longer being there own. As lower vessel cut of us said tribute favored a reminder it's part of the history of the tip of Manhattan this. But still it's remarkable what they've done in this elevator ride it to be able to see if you go to the observatory there isn't that a 102 floor of. I like waiting to fast it's interesting oh yeah yeah yeah. Ready for my story they do it we're giggling about all of us do it all right well there is a seven year old boy who wants to be aid jet 88. And the problem is he wants to get married. That's really the problem so not now like letters out another road and even this whole concept the jet I notion that. If you have a personal attachment that somehow you can go into the dark side. He. Was little concerned about that it wants to get married at some point and decided to write to George Lucas himself and he just as. They're used cius handwritten no wanna get married without becoming its. A pig. Murdered girl don't look right. And seeing that you can't get that's what do you think it could slide keep their hopes. Still knew what this lovely boy actually got a response from George Lucas he took the time to write back and he said to be at true. A jet you have to know the value. Different chip compassion and we'll TVs are imported. Tenants really in marriage. And he said it. When you find someone that you can connect to win a selfless way avenue on the path of light. And the dark side would not take hold of you with this goodness in your heart you can't. Didn't get me. Yates and certainly. George that he took time to write that Q that is spent and loneliness and come up with other lovely response it's not yeah it's well thought of sewage and it's good for those of us were married that we're not on the dark side. He will have. I got married eternity kept me from the darts what I gunners listen to a visited earlier at a young lady nine years old. And is he just not impressive because it is on the show up Britain's got talent. She's a junior Irish kick boxing champion she's at our whole point was to get out there to allow Simon Cowell and absolutely she did she's going on to the next round. He actually wants it to be is what ago.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"1 World Trade Center's elevators will feature a three-dimensional timelapse of Manhattan's skyline.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"30465232","title":"A New York City Skyline Timelapse","url":"/WNN/video/york-city-skyline-timelapse-30465232"}