New Zealand's Nationwide Secret Santa Project

Over two thousand New Zealanders are taking part in a Secret Santa project organized by the New Zealand Post.
2:28 | 11/30/16

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Transcript for New Zealand's Nationwide Secret Santa Project
A secret Santa project has overtaken an entire country and that little boy who lost his swimming goggles here's everything look dance with trick truce and a white line that might well. Good morning you to the truth can be overwhelming sometimes especially when you meet your longtime hero. Just as high as Sheba in you in Orlando whose favorite toy is for plus Santa Claus. So when coyotes owners John and Angelina montecalvo brought her to their local mall for pet photos with Santa. Christmas came early for everybody John tweeting Khai is holly jolly reaction to meeting her idol and forget rocket around the Christmas trees this photos rocking around the Internet racking up 191003. Tweets and a 150000. Life. Since it's been posted easy to see why it's so adorable. And next let's try to wrap the trip from New Zealand that's sure to warm even if grinch is holiday heating hard. Over 2000 New Zealanders are participating in a country wide secret Santa project. Started ten years ago the president swap is now run by the New Zealand post's Vinatieri signed a random Twitter user who they can follow to get to know a little bit better. Attended by president and send it to the New Zealand post reports that on the right place. You can listen I don't work in the North Pole but I'm betting that New Zealand has the world's highest per capita population. On the nice list just a yes. And finally it why can't little aid and find what he's looking for. And more importantly why is this execute its case of lots and found ever. David Walker was enjoying his day at the school when he stops at his sister to help them find his goggles. Only problem well. Piccolo. Yeah. That video had been breached we did 31000. It was posted at did everything I need I'd look a lot got cute when I can't. I think he's veteran right hander the sunglasses and I'm already wearing. I mean come on you guys can feel my pain to runs deep. Corners. And amen. We death under the sun blessing quite a few times I think it's not see anyone who works an overnight sit alone nobody thought out way more. Good generous than normal neither weird part is when your in your car and you're like where are we're we're we're my car perhaps if I hadn't. It's getting and I wanted to put that oh yeah feeling anything Lincoln's.

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{"duration":"2:28","description":"Over two thousand New Zealanders are taking part in a Secret Santa project organized by the New Zealand Post.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNN","id":"43866509","title":"New Zealand's Nationwide Secret Santa Project","url":"/WNN/video/zealands-nationwide-secret-santa-project-43866509"}