More Than 100 Million People in the Path of Severe Weather

Heavy rains, flash flooding, and tornadoes destroy neighborhoods across the nation.
2:47 | 12/14/15

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Transcript for More Than 100 Million People in the Path of Severe Weather
One of three confirmed tornadoes destroying this neighborhood. High winds knocking this train off its tracks. Heavy rains triggering flash flooding, too. Kendis Gibson in east Texas tonight. Reporter: Tonight, a view from the air of devastation across the state of Texas. Wow. I think that's a tornado. Reporter: In Willis, a tornado destroying roofs, uprooting trees, toppling vehicles. Tornado just hit. Reporter: Tiny lindale, described as a disaster area by its first responders. A tornado damaging up to 50 homes. We are striving to keep unnecessary people out and have only the people that need access into this area. Reporter: The twister coming within feet of Luke griffin's home. Where did it go? It just started back that way towards the high school and you can see up there on that lane where it just came right through here. It was just a white wall of stuff flying everywhere. Reporter: Jennifer Skender, out Christmas shopping when the tornado ripped apart her home of 11 years. A neighbor texting her these photos of her house. I'm just thankful we weren't home. I think the lord sent us away and he spared us. Reporter: Two dozen severe storms, some parts receiving up to half a foot of rain to some parts of Texas and wind gusts powerful enough to throw 64 large cargo train cars from the trestle and onto a roadway below. Tonight, as people here continue the massive clean-up effort, authorities are astounded that not a single injury has been reported in these weekend storms. Tom? Kendis, thank you. And indra Peterson, the severe weather is on the move tonight, right? Yes. From Washington through Louisiana, look at the heavy rain still making its way through. Expected to affect the midwest through tomorrow morning. And out west, another major storm. 45-mile-an-hour wins. Showers from San Francisco through Los Angeles. And someone has a foot of snow, great ski season in the pacific northwest. And here in New York City, a completely different story. This was central park, people were having picnics and running in t-shirts and shorts. It feels like spring. How long will this last? It feels good, but temperatures 15, 25 degrees above Normal. Breaking records. But it's not going to last. But we'll be talking about them going down by next weekend. So look for seasonal winter-like temperatures. But here's the catch. Only for about two days. By the time we get to the holidays, the temperatures right back up. Indra, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"Heavy rains, flash flooding, and tornadoes destroy neighborhoods across the nation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"35747560","title":"More Than 100 Million People in the Path of Severe Weather","url":"/WNT/video/100-million-people-path-severe-weather-35747560"}