As Many as 1,000 Homes Destroyed in California Wild Fires

Soaring temperatures and high winds fuel the unending blaze through Northern California.
3:23 | 09/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for As Many as 1,000 Homes Destroyed in California Wild Fires
We have been reporting on California's wildfires all summer, but nothing like this. The valley wildfire, erupting in a matter of hours. Losing as many as 1,000 homes. Listen to this video from inside the fire. That's the sound of homes and trees burning. Tonight, much of the town of Middleton, California, looks just like this. Only ashes left. Aditi Roy, tonight. Reporter: Explosive video of a new wildfire racing through California. The valley fire, getting 200 times larger in five hours overnight and consuming more than 40,000 acres. Forcing at least 17,000 people out of their homes. We're putting water on this particular house because it's in the corner. And they don't want to lose that corner. Reporter: A retired firefighter live-streaming on periscope. Every engine has multiple ctstruures to try to protect. You just can't save everything. Reporter: And look at this video of a daring escape. Officials saying the fast-moving fire has destroyed hundreds of homes. Up to 1,000 homes burned to the ground. Today, the ashes still smoldering. Birds tweeting, the only sound. Just north of town, four firefighters saved by their fire shelters. When flames overtook them. Now in stable condition. At the hospital burn unit. They're going to get treated and make it through. Reporter: Richard reef giving a thumbs-up. 160 miles southeast, the butte fire, destroying more than 80 homes, burning more than 60,000 acres, and 20% contained. We met Eric and Kim rothrauff as they evacuated Friday. Forced to leave their birds tonight. We'll take care of them. Reporter: Telling us today they're safe. They survived, to night, we take you inside the firefight. Round-up. Police hunting shooters targeting drivers. 11 vehicles hit. The new suspects brought in for questioning. Wrong plane. Halfway from L.A. To Hawaii, an airline realizes a big mistake. Their plane has no certification to make long flights over wa were passengers in danger? Mauled. A vicious attack caught on camera. A woman out walking her dogs when they suddenly lunge at a man on his W th E goodamar sitans who saved his life. And, tough luck. Lottery winners denied their jackpo.ts given Us iioteadns of why their payouts are being held host age. Key. Not a ton of rain, but we'll take the higher humidity and cooler weather. And cooler across the northeast. 38 degrees in parts of west Virginia. Some of the coolest air since may. A little taste of fall. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:23","description":"Soaring temperatures and high winds fuel the unending blaze through Northern California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33733011","title":"As Many as 1,000 Homes Destroyed in California Wild Fires","url":"/WNT/video/1000-homes-destroyed-california-wild-fires-33733011"}