At Least 12 Killed in Raging Flash Flood Waters in Utah

Three children were rescued with one still missing.
3:00 | 09/16/15

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Transcript for At Least 12 Killed in Raging Flash Flood Waters in Utah
And we begin with those deadly floods. Mothers and their children surrounded by rising waters. At least 12 now dead. The frightening images tonight out of Utah. The raging waters. You can see how fast-moving they are. Two cars, families inside both of them, suddenly overwhelmed by the floods. Authorities say washed away by a wall of water 20 feet high. One boy's body found more than six miles away from where the families were trapped. And ABC's nick watt leads us off from Utah. Oh, dear, there's two vehicles. Reporter: In those vehicles, three mothers and 13 kids, the youngest just 4 years old. Cut off by the flash flood waters. There goes the fence. Reporter: Watch as the wall of water and debris blindsides them. Washes them away. Oh, my goodness. It went over. Reporter: In just 30 minutes, a staggering one and a half inches of rain fell, flash flash, washing families to their deaths. Further disaster narrowly averted as rescuer rescued women from this vehicle. This afternoon, a 10-year-old boy was recovered 6 1/2 miles downstream. I knew the mothers, I knew them as they were growing up as young girls. Reporter: This little town, hildale, is a bastion of the polygamist fundamentalist church of the latter day saints, once ruled by Warren Jeffs. This is an act of god. And this is something that we can't control. Reporter: Three children were rescued last night. The death toll now stands at 12 with one still missing. This is off my street. Reporter: At one point, this creek rose 3 1/2 feet in just nine minutes. Two feet of water will sweep a car away. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness. It's huge. It's getting bigger. Reporter: Two reported dead, another five missing at a national park. The same weather system that brought tragedy here brought rain to much of the southwest. A dog and owner rescued from the L.A. River. A man air lifted in Huntington Beach. Back here in Utah, the rain is still falling, the flood water is still flowing. But hope for that one person still listed as missing has all but faded. David? All right, nick watt on the scene. What a terrible scene there. Let's get right to ginger see. You told this, this rain is going to fall into the night. Reporter: It's still falling now. Los Angeles today had its wettest day since March 2011. Some of the heavier showers moving through Utah now. Southern Utah, the brunt of it. A lot of this are remnants of Linda that was out in the pacific. This is all going to move to the east. Then, our attention turns to the west. The far west. That cold front, good for the valley fire. Look at that. The rain falling there tumor Tonight, we're on the the deadly floods. Mothers and their childrenpt ay,aw trying to get out of cars. Hapitned pemet usntmos. Also, the resescu families and their pets pulled

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Three children were rescued with one still missing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"33785846","title":"At Least 12 Killed in Raging Flash Flood Waters in Utah","url":"/WNT/video/12-killed-raging-flash-flood-waters-utah-33785846"}