More Than 12,000 Evacuate Homes to Escape California Wild Fires

Wildfires continues to grow across the West, endangering lives in nine states.
3:29 | 08/03/15

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Transcript for More Than 12,000 Evacuate Homes to Escape California Wild Fires
We begin with the growing danger from California's raging wildfires. The worst of them, west of Sacramento. The fast-moving rocky fire. Take a look right there. Nearly doubling in size overnight. More than 12,000 people evacuated. Two dozen homes gone. The fire, only 5% contained. But the threat not just in California. Major fires burning in nine states tonight. Clayton Sandell starting us off tonight. Clayton? Reporter: Good evening, Tom. You can see the flames flaring up here. Firefighters actually set that fire. They're trying to burn through all of this dry, unburned fuel. The goal is to try and hold the line at this highway here, trying to stop a monster fire that has doubled in size in the last 24 hours. Firefighters are working day and night in close hand-to-hand combat against the rocky fire raging north of Sacramento. 2,000 firefighters are trying to stop it. It's already chewed through nearly 50,000 acres. Destroying at least 24 homes. Threatening thousands more. Today, the U.S. Military called up two more c-130 firefighting planes from Colorado to California to join large dc-10 tankers. He's coming in, going to drop fire retardant. This plane can drop 12,000 gallons at once. There it goes. The terrain here is bone dry. And lightning isn't helping. Since Thursday, 13,000 lightning strikes sparking more than 260 fires. We had seen a couple spot fires and those pretty much escalated and got pretty big and took off the whole side of the mountain. Doomsday, that's what it looked like. Reporter: More than 15,000 people evacuated. David Barreda is temporarily camped in an rv with his pets. Just keep an eye on it and see when we can back in there and they give the okay. Reporter: And tonight fire fighters mourning one of their own. David Ruhl, 38, lost his life as he surveyed the fire zone. And Tom, the firefighters we talked to along this road, they've been at this for 30 hours straight. They are hoping to get a break from the weather in the next couple of days. Tom? They need it. Okay. Thank you. And rob Marciano is here. Will they get any break in the weather? They will get a break. A big change in the weather pattern, the hot, dry rig is sliding to the east. And some breaking news out of the midwest? Some sad news, one dead, 15 injured from a severe thunderstorm that rolled through. In Illinois, winds over 60 miles an hour, causing a tent to collapse. And another severe thunderstorm watch through lower Michigan. Tonight and to the east tomorrow. Thank you. And now to the southwest, where explosions rocked two churches. The places of worship targeted during Sunday service us. The blasts, just 30 minutes apart in the same city. Kayna Whitworth has the details. Reporter: Tonight, the FBI investigating two terrifying explosions at churches in new Mexico. It sounded like something had fallen off and shattered the glass in the back. Reporter: 8:00 A.M., an explosion in a mailbox outside Calvary Baptist church, parishioners left with their

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Wildfires continues to grow across the West, endangering lives in nine states. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"32841957","title":"More Than 12,000 Evacuate Homes to Escape California Wild Fires","url":"/WNT/video/12000-evacuate-homes-escape-california-wild-fires-32841957"}