14 Million Families Threatened by Beastly Storm in the Mid-Atlantic

Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia prepare to be sieged by the same storm that claimed six lives in Texas.
2:30 | 05/02/16

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Transcript for 14 Million Families Threatened by Beastly Storm in the Mid-Atlantic
Now, to the severe weather at this hour. Already hitting the south with deadly flooding. A great grandmother and four children in their home, and now, the storm moving east. Dangerous driving in Tennessee. This family rescued after their SUV went off the road. New images tonight of homes and power lines badly damaged by downed trees in and around Atlanta. And in palestine, Texas, a community in mourning after learning about that great grandmother and those young children. ABC's Steve osunsami in Atlanta tonight. This is what we got to deal with in West Virginia. Reporter: The flooding rains that washed out the weekend for much of the south are threatening nearly 14 million families tonight in the mid-atlantic. In Georgia, Tennessee and north Carolina today, the hail came hard. The weather forced a ground stop at the Charlotte airport. I can't see many babies no more. I can't see my four babies no more. Reporter: This same storm system stole six precious lives in palestine, Texas, where lenda a Asberry and her great grandchildren drowned trying to escape flood waters that poured into their home. She made it out the house with those babies, carrying all four of them. The water had risen up to here on my momma. She was still trying to get through the water. Reporter: An hour north, we met another family who lost their home to a tornado. Listen as tiffany reeve tries to explain to her daughter that all is not lost. You sad? No, mommy's not sad. Mommy's okay because you're okay. That is crazy, thank you, lord that I got off it. Reporter: Roads washed away before our eyes. From the sky, pictures of the storm damage through parts of Atlanta. Two water pumping stations lost power, and they've been telling people to boil their water since. Families who live in this neighborhood are realizing this evening that they'll need to rebuild. Take a look directly behind me. The grandmother who lives in this home happened to be sitting in the only room that wasn't crushed by these large trees. David? That was a blessing. Steve, thank you. And rob was telling me, Atlanta gets hit again tonight. Look at this. Many a mess across the east. Reporter: We've got a watch box up tonight from Washington, D.C. Back through Richmond. All the way almost to Knoxville, Texas. Hail and high winds with these individual cells that will be roaming through 9:00 or 10:00 tonight. A big ridge in the central U.S. Continued messiness for the east. Tomorrow morning is going to be really rainy in New York City. Could see one to three inches through Wednesday, but it does look to be pretty wet through Friday. Tough commute tomorrow for sure, rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Tennessee, North Carolina and Georgia prepare to be sieged by the same storm that claimed six lives in Texas. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"38828459","title":"14 Million Families Threatened by Beastly Storm in the Mid-Atlantic","url":"/WNT/video/14-million-families-threatened-beastly-storm-mid-atlantic-38828459"}