More than 200 people killed as deadly tsunami hits Indonesia

The Anak Krakatau volcano erupted with underwater landslides that apparently triggered massive waves.
4:34 | 12/23/18

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Transcript for More than 200 people killed as deadly tsunami hits Indonesia
Deadly tsunami strike overseas with little warning and with more than 200 people killed on the northwest coast of Java Indonesia. Footage from inside a band's performances are pure official the wall of water you see it right here surging through the venue. Less than a half hour earlier the I'm not crack a toe while volcano sixty miles offshore you what dean with underwater landslides apparently triggering that massive wave. On short scenes of complete devastation. Boats and vehicles tossed homes washed out as first responders are searching the debris right now for survivors. Nor concerns tonight that volcano could blow again and possibly create another deadly wave. ABC's Jew who McFarland leads our coverage with the new pictures coming in. Crowds gathered to watch a popular Indonesian band. And in the video cut side just as the tides swept and taking lives whether it including members of the group performing. The C nominee came without warning for most. Daylight revealing the devastating often mosque that pace line illicit buildings hotels on heads washed away. Vehicles scattered around light toy caused. Thrown into buildings on top of piles of debris. These rooms. Where people was starting. Just completely destroyed its that it ruins. People lining up outside of clinics checking on patients names such thing for the missing. Others crying and comforting each other outside of hospitals. Not guns leave their lists of biting became the waves. Huskies would press for his dead friends. And his wife now lost at least 222. Killed more than 800 injured. There's numbers could rise there is rescue at his try to get into areas that have not yet been reached a two out his desperately trying to treat the injured. The hospitals are the chief four lost in the rush hits. Teams working around the clock to find survivors trapped in the rebels. This boy puts safety twelve I was offered a tsunami. Pools this triggered by an underwater landslide after a volcano erupted that child of Crocker tell has been erupting since June. And is situated in the nation between Indonesia's most crowded Ireland's. The case surround it's a beautiful beaches popular with tourists and ex pats especially during the holidays. The killer waves come in Indonesia is still recovering from the mosque seem not meet that killed more than 2000 added this year. And tonight is not vote Kenneth still erupting could trigger a new two nominees as this region struggles with the unsinkable. Yes again. So many devastating images tonight let's get right to join them apartment in June that you mentioned there was little or no warning for the tsunami but as you point out in your report. How is that possible in a nation familiar with these deadly waves. Press question told him an easy and the saucer eight. Got hot suns have done things on very distant signs. But the reality is that warning system is notoriously unreliable. Plus sling it softens from a lack of funding especially in recent yes but the issue about the sense of some missing why some measure of Kuwait's. But in this case it wasn't on the war tell my flight attendant the wave business headway but assistants have to tell accidents. Julie McFarland leading a soft right Juliet thank you don't want to bring in David lips and an Australian journalist who spent the day touring the devastation. And David there is a real feel right now there could be more deadly waves on the way. This Italy's and we're seeing met up and down the colors of wits job. Villages and towns that have been deserves it. Because people Thea bit that next tsunami could be a long Hawaii there is some hope that people will favorites there are a number of people. Recently we don't deny that exact number they still. A little bit of thoughts folk surrounding its July. Exactly what is happening on the ground but people holding out clerk's law survivors you walk the streets of that disaster today. Tell me what it was like pretty frightening album but also quite strange because you're not seeing some villages that had been destroyed. Out cots swept around tossed around like colts in the ocean. And buildings were demolished. By this urgency. But when you saying other glitches that reminding untouched because of the angle. Oh the coastline and the angle of the CB it. Bank tests of our lives and desserts it's David lips and reporting for us tonight David stay safe.

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{"id":59989507,"title":"More than 200 people killed as deadly tsunami hits Indonesia","duration":"4:34","description":"The Anak Krakatau volcano erupted with underwater landslides that apparently triggered massive waves.","url":"/WNT/video/200-people-killed-deadly-tsunami-hits-indonesia-59989507","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}