Control of Senate, House at Stake

Jon Karl reviews the most contested races to keep an eye on.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Control of Senate, House at Stake
It is a -- generation election. But changing America election and rarely have the stakes been higher and not just because the White House is up for grabs. So -- control of the senate and ABC's Jonathan Karl -- veteran Capitol Hill correspondent is here. And we -- in both places he'll be watching tonight those states also voting. By the way -- some pretty far ranging things will get to that in a moment job. Well -- that's the other big battle tonight is the battle for control of the US senate so very early in the night I'm going to be looking at to -- senate seats especially the first one. Up in Massachusetts this is Scott Brown against Elizabeth Warren the most expensive race in the country the most high profile it has been a bitter race. If Republican Scott Brown loses in Massachusetts. The Republicans have a much harder time to win control the senate the other one also early -- -- -- is going to be in the state of Indiana. This is Richard Murdoch the Republican nominee. Morning it's Tom Donnelly the Republicans have controlled the seat for 36 years it should've been a slam dunk. But Murdoch made controversial comments on rape and abortion and now that -- is at risk for Republicans if they lose both of those it will be virtually impossible to win control of the senate. My third one to watch is actually a house seat house of course all 435 members. That's in Minnesota Michelle Bachmann running for reelection of course. A year ago she was a front runner to run for president she is now fighting for her political life for own district Minnesota. And as we said this except putting up for referendum from the voters some pretty wide ranging things what's the number one you're going to be looking -- we can have legalized marijuana in three states the into the night that's evolving. -- -- -- -- The possibility. All right let's see you there and they've -- talk. -- later this -- I'm Fred talked out of you're going to be with as the -- all of this evening job and George the ABC news political team standing by analysts and experts. Ready to roll as your voice your vote comes in an election -- -- -- starting at 7 PM Easter.

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{"id":17657433,"title":" Control of Senate, House at Stake","duration":"3:00","description":"Jon Karl reviews the most contested races to keep an eye on.","url":"/WNT/video/2012-election-night-control-senate-house-stake-17657433","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}