Mitt Romney's Last-Minute Campaign Stops

David Muir follows the GOP candidate's final push to become the next president.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Mitt Romney's Last-Minute Campaign Stops
We have been following you on social media so many of you wrote us to tell us about ethical lines you encountered at the polls coast to coast. You can see some of them right there in Washington DC but people didn't -- and late hours and hours to vote -- -- voting. Remained in full swing and does now but it hasn't stopped governor Romney from squeezing -- a few more campaign stops. And ABC's David -- was there with him Davis. Diane good evening could you believe the day is finally here and as you mentioned a frenetic pace for governor Romney right up until the and I can tell you we just landed here in Boston. After stops in Ohio and Pennsylvania today they do believe Pennsylvania. It's now in play for the Republicans but I gotta tell you it all started this morning when he walked into his own polling place. In his neighborhood here in Belmont Massachusetts he says he was -- when he saw his name right there but the president of the United States. Beat -- -- -- band bad cold this morning walking in to cast their votes. The quiet -- side by side after nearly six years of campaigning two runs for the White House and tonight he is one step away. Outside a kiss and a question about Ohio after a great about Ohio. But not taking that state for granted a last minute dash to date back to Ohio his body meant taking this image on the plane Romney proudly wearing -- in. And on the Cleveland tarmac Romney's claim that his -- -- point Paul Ryan and then vice president Joseph Biden's -- three at once. It -- state both sides desperately want to win. For -- it's been a race to the finish traveling at 181000 miles and four -- or state just since last night. Overnight on my iPhone captured this moment that Bobby played -- into this Columbus, Ohio -- Soon after -- back on the plane. Headed to New Hampshire where -- candidacy began. Landing for a rally lasting past midnight business. Where -- again campaign again you've got this campaign started a year and a half -- stem. I. Couldn't. Steady play there -- workers last -- flying as a candidate but not to -- after that giant bear hug. -- if anyone is revealing the rigors of two presidential runs in his hand overnight overcome -- support. So moved and -- -- still be here and to have this kind of reception from Ohio a state that is gonna make an express. You. Nall can be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There are a lot of talk over together today that he's all about the economy. Pushing his vision to lower taxes and cutting spending -- working on his iPad on tonight's speech. And then one more stop Pennsylvania what's considered a long -- now they believe within reach. Parking lots filled with supporters. Governor -- -- hand it was heart had to wait. Haven't ABC news afterward that's failure gonna win. I could tell you Diane right here in the hall the beginning to gather here at the Romney victory party they're hoping. A few hours about later here this evening and I can tell you that the governor his wife's -- and their five sons are. Holding at the Westin hotel which is behind the complex here at about that speech was working -- -- iPod on the plane -- today the iPad. It's 11100 words long but he was asked to be a two versions of the speech he said -- he has won and it's a victory speech. All right David -- tell me again he's going to be watching with his family right there. Yes the five sons are all here the big number I've got to get for you Diane is how many grandchildren -- -- -- that number is much larger. We'll track that down as the evening goes on but they're waiting and a hotel right next door tonight. Good luck revolvers grandchildren thank you David and now I better bring -- the co anchor of our election night coverage. George Stephanopoulos -- here's that George -- the first window onto what people are saying epic about a poll and I saw surprising the first when he noticed when we asked you what they've waited for the country is going. On the right track -- in the wrong direction just a year ago 77 were percent of the country -- we're on the wrong track even as late as August -- was 69% look at today. Down to 52%. Dramatic pretty dramatic increase in optimism over the last several weeks we also asked about the candidates. And the economy. President Obama has a -- -- is -- right down in front of us there 52 to 44% on empathy being in touch with people's problems but an overall trust to handle the economy. -- looks a little bit and governor Romney has a slight advantage. Over President Obama fifty to 47 so different views there on the candidates in the economy -- time calculating. Your first campaign 1988. Strike that takes over 2525 years or so what's the most important thing you're going to be watching tonight I'm looking at three thanks tonight the first one -- a number that number 74%. That was the white chair of the electorate. Four years ago in 2000 he's been going down every year if that goes up this year that is good news for governor Romney if it continues to go down. That will be good news for President Obama the second they'll be looking at his estate in early state Virginia the polls close there at 7 o'clock. Governor Romney has to win that state to be in the hot. For 270 electoral votes if he doesn't -- President Obama does he will be on his way to victory tonight and then finally going to be looking. At an issue and that is the issue of the auto bailout big dramatic action President Obama took early on. Many but many. Jobs across the industrial midwest president Obama's firewall. Ohio and Wisconsin and Michigan -- depending on the auto industry if you see a favorable rating for that that is good news for the president. -- and we will be right here bringing everybody -- big news tonight.

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{"id":17657350,"title":"Mitt Romney's Last-Minute Campaign Stops","duration":"3:00","description":"David Muir follows the GOP candidate's final push to become the next president.","url":"/WNT/video/2012-presidential-election-mitt-romney-barack-obama-mitt-17657350","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}