35 Million Under Threat of Severe Storms

A large stretch of the U.S. is in the path of storms with 12 states under flood watches.
2:25 | 06/21/15

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Transcript for 35 Million Under Threat of Severe Storms
35 million people facing the threat of severe storms tonight. Twelve states with flood watch is at this hour take a look at this time lapse of a super cell. From one storm in South Dakota flash flooding left over from tropical storm bill triggering rescues in Illinois. And tonight stores are still on the move with a huge stretch of the country in their past. Here's ABC senior meteorologist rob Marciano. Severe weather slamming the northern plains. Hail bouncing off the ground like ping pong balls and South Dakota from her various forms her tumor murder. And in the last 24 hours a five reported tornadoes in southern Illinois alone. Winds ripping the roof off this house and heavy rain causing this dramatic scene. Watched as three kids play in a drainage ditch filling with flood water passer by Matt showed was there shooting this video just barely see their heads just bobbing in the creek. Mean that water was all the way up here for the concrete. Seen it coming up over the rose. Now sensing danger to with a voice managing to get out but once. Getting sucked into that Kohlberg. His friends grabbing his arms trying to lift him but can't. Yeah it's not. And Matt's wife telling him to run her daughter praying. Is they don't this kid right now. I'm not like change around. Choate and other witnesses struggling frantically finally pulling them out of the pie tonight badly bruised and battered but safe I just thank god for just. Placing us here right. And rob is here now out thankfully a happy ending for those little boys that so many others facing some severe weather tonight Gary get to sit is now that we have to deal with and both are bringing a severe weather threat. Tornado watches out for parts of Iowa and Illinois with storm number one and this is part of what's left of bill. Severe thunderstorm watch is up for the DC area includes parts of North Carolina as well existing spins towards the northeast also Mabry. A decent amount of rainfall would have but the severe threat for tomorrow extends a way back into the high plains and up into almost new England's old be watching for veteran along with the flooding these tropical systems tend to bring a lot of water we could see some flooding across the I five quart or meat and southwest is totally faking and it doesn't seem to be letting up yeah five could be six days now where Phoenix he's temperatures over a 112 that is just remarkable so excessive heat warnings in -- fighters remain up for another day and this includes Cecilia. A much to the fire zone we don't see any rain in sight. To relieve some of those fires OK rob thanks.

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{"duration":"2:25","description":"A large stretch of the U.S. is in the path of storms with 12 states under flood watches.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"31917696","title":"35 Million Under Threat of Severe Storms","url":"/WNT/video/35-million-threat-severe-storms-31917696"}