Nearly 4,000 Flights Cancelled Nationwide

Airlines are moving planes out of the area until Hurricane Matthew passes.
2:31 | 10/07/16

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Transcript for Nearly 4,000 Flights Cancelled Nationwide
Of course it's not just the millions of Americans right here in the hurricanes on being affected by Matthew. This new number as were on the air tonight nearly 4000. Flights across this country already being canceled because of this impending storm. ABC's either pilgrim tonight on the ripple effect. Tonight the hurricane grinding air travel to a halt in the southeast and causing. A ripple effect through the country. We get complacent and this one's not turning the one. Uday and that we planned to leave this Larry King in. Mid morning Fort Lauderdale airport shutting down for the first time since Hurricane Katrina eleven years ago and extremely rare move. By 1 PM all flights in and out of Miami and West Palm Beach stops. Orlando international away from the coast stopping commercial flights at eight tonight nearly 4000 flights canceled over the next two days time lapse radar showing the normally busy Florida skies clearing out. Our original mine. Out of Orlando was canceled the Holbrook family visiting Florida from Oklahoma now driving oh wait from the storm and hoping to find another way out. We are actually going team Clearwater wondering TV teamed airport tumor and a plan out meanwhile here in Jacksonville some of the final flights on the eastern coast of Florida taking off. But the ticket counters mostly empty. David Jacksonville airport officials tell they do not plan to close the airport even if there are no flights to ensure stranded travelers have a place that day. David. There will be delays and cancellations for days to come because it is either pilgrim our thanks to you let's get right back to ginger now. Because the central question while we're on the air tonight for so many here in Florida ginger. Is what time tonight what they really see the effects of this hurricane and can you also. Talk about what you first reported last night the possibility that this could circle out to sea and then come back and and potentially hit twice. We'll think that the core of care of that storm the harshest winds will really come close. By midnight tonight for some folks and really through the early morning hours of Friday here on expecting it closer to 7 AM between seven and 9 AM right along the space 'cause the let me take you to that track again. The big deal too because we have not seen a storm of this magnitude make landfall. In Florida. Since Wilma. And that was in 2005. Remember that's 4000. Days ago today actually and yet they could turn back around it'll be much weaker by then David. I remember when the well was right here for that as well ginger Z thanks for your coverage and we'll check in review a bit later as well.

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{"duration":"2:31","description":"Airlines are moving planes out of the area until Hurricane Matthew passes. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"42632743","title":"Nearly 4,000 Flights Cancelled Nationwide ","url":"/WNT/video/4000-flights-cancelled-nationwide-42632743"}