90M in the path of snow, ice and wind as storm bears down on Northeast

At least 13 people have been killed in crashes linked to winter weather in the heartland.
2:35 | 02/06/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 90M in the path of snow, ice and wind as storm bears down on Northeast
There is a new winter storm on the move this evening. Snow, ice, heavy rain, from the gulp you have to new England. 25 states under winter weather alerts. Snow, ice, strong thunderstorms with this. It comes after a deadly storm struck the heartland already. At least 13 people killed on treacherous highways in the past 24 hours. Here in New York tonight, a daring ice rescue, and ABC's Alex Perez from the storm zone. Reporter: Tonight, as the northeast braces for a powerful storm -- You see two rescuers in the water, they look they're bringing someone in. Reporter: -- First responders racing to try to save a person who fell through the ice in queens, New York. Right now, first aid immediately being administered. Reporter: That person in serious condition tonight. It appears right now that it was a child. We empl' implore everyone, please stay off the ice. Reporter: 90 million Americans now in the path of snow, ice and wind. Watch as this car loses control on I-94 in Chicago Monday narrowly missing other vehicles before slamming right into the concrete median. That driver reportedly okay. But winter weather already claiming at least 13 lives in crashes across the heartland. In Iowa, high winds and low visibility causing a string of fatal crashes. Watched probably 20 or 30 cars start piling up. Reporter: In all some 40 vehicles involved. One person killed and another injured on interstate 35 near Ames. And on I-80 near Grinnell, another pileup. This one involving 19 vehicles, including the "Dancing with the stars" tour bus. And David, parts of the midwest bracing for another monster morning commute. Here in Chicago, on top of all this, we could get another three inches of snow tonight. David? All right, another three inches possible there in Chicago. Alex, our thanks to you. Let's get right to ginger zee, who is tracking this. Reporter: Yes, and it's a large area that is included here. Let's start from Texas, a winter weather advisory, up to Lawrence, Massachusetts. I want your ears tonight, because it's already happening. And a lot of it will be freezing rain. That's the part that's going to make a lot of the roads slicker than even the snow could. And so you'll see this move in, it's really tomorrow morning in a place like Cincinnati where you get up to two inches of snow, but comes along with up to a quarter inch of ice. It is going to be a mess. And look at I-95 at the drive time tomorrow evening. That is heavy rain south and that heavy snow to the north with ice in the middle. All right, we appreciate the warning. We'll let you know how this storm ends, because I know you begin maternity leave now. We wish you well. Not right at this moment, but yes. Soon. And by the way, David is a pretty good name. Keeping it in mind. We turn to other news

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{"id":52890210,"title":"90M in the path of snow, ice and wind as storm bears down on Northeast","duration":"2:35","description":"At least 13 people have been killed in crashes linked to winter weather in the heartland.","url":"/WNT/video/90m-path-snow-ice-wind-storm-bears-northeast-52890210","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}