911 Tapes From Fed-Ex Shooting Outside Atlanta

Harrowing shooting unfolds as victims fight for their lives.
1:52 | 05/06/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 911 Tapes From Fed-Ex Shooting Outside Atlanta
Officials are studying the intense -- 911 tapes that kind of recorded history of that shooting at the FedEx facility outside Atlanta one week ago. The wounded calling for help -- the harrowing story we have not heard until tonight. ABC -- summing walks us through these new tapes. The. We. Are and I wanted to. That's the voice of 28 year old security guard Christopher spark -- calling for help and struggling for life. After one of his co workers started shooting last Tuesday at this -- distribution plant north of Atlanta. -- got a shot burned and shot. -- -- -- He's a newly -- and an army veteran in the middle of an active workplace shooting. And he doesn't think he's going to make it the gunshot wound is above his waist. Okay okay I'm a lot of what we can't -- a lot of people who are -- and unlike her. They were chained. Prisoners heartland. -- -- equally bad. Police say the gunman Getty Kramer was just nineteen years old and worked as a package handler at the warehouse. He was armed with a shotgun and a knife and began the shootings outside. -- Know. There are only do we know. How to. Do it really. Once he made it past the guard -- he -- firing -- co workers inside the building. Who also called 9110. -- along with a twelve young young Billy Clinton they'll be here. Yeah. He was wounding six people before shooting and killing himself. Everyone else survived tonight Christopher spark and is still hospitalized and -- -- police have yet to reveal a motive for the shooting. -- -- on the ABC news Atlanta.

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{"id":23615562,"title":"911 Tapes From Fed-Ex Shooting Outside Atlanta","duration":"1:52","description":"Harrowing shooting unfolds as victims fight for their lives.","url":"/WNT/video/911-tapes-fed-shooting-atlanta-23615562","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}