ABC News Investigates Controversial Diet Shake Company Herbalife

Hidden camera catches startling health claims made by some distributors.
2:52 | 04/23/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Investigates Controversial Diet Shake Company Herbalife
that's nothing to cheer about. ABC news. A Brian Ross investigation about a popular brand of products. You may have heard the name. Herbalife. The company says its shakes help you lose weighed. Tonight hidden cameras show what some of the distributors say what's behind closed doors. Reporter: With hundreds of thousands of American independent distributors the herbalife company says business has never been better despite two federal investigations and allegations by critics it'sen illegal pyramid scheme. They produce diet powders and nutrition products sold only but its distributors. But the company remains you should a court order from the 1980s not to make false or misleading representations about the product's health benefits which herbalife board member Richard Carmona a former surgeon general says is essential. You give people false hope. Reporter: The company tells distri Drish distributors look at what our under cover found. A woman who overcamen a brain tumor thanks to herbalife. The president of herbalife. Does herbalife cure brain tumors? Absolutely not. I am appalled to hear you say this. What is happening is a complete violation of our rules. Does it happen often? I don't believe so. Reporter: That was not the only time we caught on tape such claims being made. At training sessions organized by veteran distributes new recruits were told herbalife products helped treat heart disease. I had congestive heart failure. Reporter: In Spanish treated headaches and anemia and even helped one woman get pregnant. I'm 40 years old. Had my first baby. It distresses me to hear these. This is going on right now. And this is something we clearly need to address and we will do some. This is not the herbalife that I know. Reporter: Since our interview the company has revealed to ABC news that in fact, almost 600 differenters were disciplined last year alone with 12 of them strip of their distributorer ships. Thank you. And you can watch Brian's full report tonight on "Nightline."

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{"id":23447041,"title":"ABC News Investigates Controversial Diet Shake Company Herbalife","duration":"2:52","description":"Hidden camera catches startling health claims made by some distributors.","url":"/WNT/video/abc-news-investigates-controversial-diet-shake-company-herbalife-23447041","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}