ABC News Live Update: Biden reaffirms US commitment to NATO

Plus, Israel ousts longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and where things stand six months after the first U.S. vaccination.
29:51 | 06/14/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: Biden reaffirms US commitment to NATO
Good morning I'm Diana stayed up thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Biden's in Brussels this morning trying to convince NATO leaders that America wants to be a partner again. The trip comes after the G-7 summit in England where the president and allies agreed to take on the pandemic together. Now he's preparing for his face to face meeting with Russian president Vladimir Putin's. Our team is in Brussels with the latest. And today marks six months since Kobe vaccine started being administered in the US outside a trials. Cities and states are opening up across the country in Chicago fans packed Wrigley Field over the weekend. And California is preparing to drop its massive mandate for vaccinated people. But now there's a new warning about that delta fares. And meet the best in show what savvy that speaking gaze was named top dog at the Westminster dog show. Hear how he celebrated his big win. But we begin with president Biden in Brussels for that NATO summit earlier this morning the president called the NATO alliance a quote sacred obligation. A sharp contrast to former president trump who called it obsolete the summit comes after the president met with Queen Elizabeth over the weekend and as he now prepares. To meet with Russian president Vladimir Clinton on Wednesday. Chief White House correspondent Cecilia Vega has the latest from Brussels. This morning president Biden in Brussels where he will try to convince NATO leaders that a miracle wants to be a partner. Following four years of president trump bashing the alliance NATO his critically important from. This is news. Q and of itself on the agenda ensuring stability in Afghanistan after US and NATO forces withdraw by September 11 climate change and Russia. President Biden says he and Vladimir Putin do agree on one thing relations between the two countries are at rock bottom let me bring you clear I think he's right at its low point and now new details about that high stakes summit it will be split into two sessions. And I like that shocking moment following president trumps meeting where he held a joint press conference. And told the world he trusted Putin's election interference denials over his own intelligence community's findings. He just said it's not Russia. I will say this I don't see any reason why it would be. President Biden says he'll be alone at his press conference I don't want to get into. Being diverted by. Did they shake hands how far and they taught who talked to most of the restaurant he can certainly said the review was Bob I was sailor I think maybe he was about. In England the president reassuring G-7 leaders that America wants to lead by example the group coming together to donate a billion Kobe vaccines to poorer nations and calling on China to respect human rights but there was disagreement over just how tough to beyond Beijing. A whirlwind eight day trip. President Biden in the First Lady also met the queen at Windsor Castle. Where the president inspected the guards later telling reporters he had such a good time he invited an 85 year old monarch to visit the White House. My my my my. Terms. A look at where it fifty generosity that we could stay longer kid very great. Yeah president Biden he's been pretty tight lipped about the details on the sit down we do know that they are expected to talk about of course cyber security human rights arms control. Vladimir Putin on the other hand he did talk this weekend he had some words about about president trump Diane he called an extraordinary and a talented individual as for. President Biden couldn't says he is a quote different kind of person Diane OK different to say they get in Brussels thank you. And before that big meeting with Putin and president Biden dissenting me what's more key allies at the NATO summit to try to reassert the United States' commitment to the alliance. Chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl joins me live now with more on this Jonathan good morning you know Biden seems to be trying to drop. A really strong distinction between his administration. And former president trumps America first. Alice. A stark difference clearly most importantly on the question of working with allies multi lateral approach. To foreign policy as you heard. Look krona France say you know what's good to have you back in the club America back in the club. But Biden has. It as as it braced our allies he's talked about working together. I was at a lot of these summits with Donald Trump. The America first approach was we will work with you when it is in our interest but our interest absolutely. Always come first and you're on your own we are on all our own that is a very different approach now that said. I'd be there is a big question about what's. Biden will actually be able to do working in concert with our Alice there was a lot of but talk of working together on climate change for instance. On the the build back better world approach. Did it the IG seven talked about in terms of you know while providing support for underdeveloped pour countries around the world. Those are all up big and lofty goals and and and die you saw Biden talk about you know embracing this idea for instance and a 15% minimum. Our corporate tax for the world. But as Biden is also pointed out this is an alliance of democracies. And Biden will have to be able to deliver on that by getting congress. 22 to agree on on a lot of the things he is promising. And of course that is a tough road. And the summit with Vladimir Putin isn't the only high stakes meeting on Biden's scheduled he's also set to meet. What president heir to want to Turkey today and this comes after Turkey's purchase of the Russian defense systems and Biden's recognition of the Armenian Genocide so things are kind of tense there what's at stake. With that meeting. Yet this is a tough one during the campaign Biden talked about aired a one as an autocrat which is. Not quite possibly very accurate description of of aired a one vote put a butt up but label that also irritated him. The two I have known each other for a long time they'd be they go back. You know more than a decade. But. Indeed this is eight this is a tough relationship you mention recognizing the Armenian. Genocide. As genocide this is something that Turkey has resisted and lobbied against for years. And the only time so far that Biden has spoken as present it to her to want is what he called him to inform him. That he would be labeling what happens to to the Armenians under the Ottoman Empire as a genocide. So this will be very interest thing. Meeting you've got said it they're all our areas where the United States really needs Turkey Turkey of course is NATO ally right there at the crossroads between. Europe and Asia. Actually critical 22 it to stability. In Syria and also. The last thing that Biden wants to do is to drive Turkey into the arms of China. Or Russia needs suits he you know Turkey remains solidly. As a NATO ally and for his part air one also needs the United States aired a one. You know the the Turkish economy has been battered. By a number of factors including. Cove eight. And they need. Turkey needs investment investment from America investment. For from the rest of Europe. Investment frankly that Russia cannot provide. And speaking a rush of course we're all looking ahead to that big summit between president Vlad and battery Biden and Vladimir Putin's so. I don't says he'll be giving a solo press conference after that meeting what does that tell you. Well either told you that he doesn't want a repeat of of of trumpet and Biden and trumpet and and prudent in Helsinki you saw. You know from from Cecilia is. Story. This is extraordinary. I. I've covered a lot of one on one meetings between American presidents and a foreign leaders I have never seen a free one on one meeting. The United States president coming out and doing a solo press conference. And the White House announcing that in advance make you very clear that they did not want Biden did not want. But to be side by side at a press conference we've Vladimir put it's an indication. Of the one thing that the two men absolutely agree on that is date US Russian relations or at a low point. That said. I Guidant I can also tell you that Joseph Biden is not looking for a major confrontation. Was Vladimir Putin here. There are tough issues that will be raised the rhetoric will be tough he will criticize Putin has already has. On on the issues of cyber security election interference human rights but he does not want a big confrontation. With putting because. Biden wants to engage with a Russia and more importantly as Biden sees the world as the by the administration. Sees the world. The number one foreign policy challenge problem is not Russia its China. That's were Biden wants to focus to be. I would to be a fly on the wall for that meeting no doubt Chen back here at home John we're learning some new details about the trump Justice Department seizing records. From what has canceled on again and his wife in 2018 what's the latest on that. This is where we're he'll leave bizarre and frankly we don't really know what was going on the basic facts are. We've actually learned from from apple. That is the it side it did in response to a subpoena from the Justice Department this going back 20172018. I did date do they turned over. Our records are related to what they top lawyer in the trump White House Tom again just look at turn over records two. Top Democrats. On Capitol Hill including Adam shift. Well we don't know is did they specifically. To DOJ specifically. And intentionally. It's hard get McGann. Or was this part of a much broader. A search that was requested. In Robert Saunders began its awesome against wife it's it is really really strange we also don't know. What the investigation was about we we know it was some kind of a leak investigation but what leak. Were they investigating. They would. Possibly. It involved. Going after a deep the White House counsel. So more unanswered questions and questions the DOJ is investigating this the in the inspector general the internal watchdog. For DOJ. But you can be sure that that congress will be looking at this as well by the way what one and one other very strange thing about this. Is did neither. Jeff Sessions. Former attorney general or former attorney general bill Barr say that they knew anything about it. They debate in the case of this both men say has come as a surprise. Right so whatever it is secret is it's and deep one but chief Washington correspondent and Jonathan Karl we know that you will be staying on top it Forrest thanks John. Thank you thank. And you can watch our full coverage of the Biden Clinton summit on Wednesday right here on ABC news lives. And glitter not today marks six months since the first Kobe back Sheen vaccine shot was given in the US outside of trials. Now more than 173. Million Americans have received at least one dose roughly 62%. Of the eligible population but vaccination rates are still dropping Stephanie Ramos has the late. Just this. Morning with cases plummeting more restrictions loosening as the country tries to recover from the devastating impact of -- nineteen. This weekend Chicago lifting capacity limits for bars gyms and large venues Wrigley Field hacked with dance for opening day up. Reopening day 100% capacity I mean there's nothing like going to a game at Wrigley Field was. Everybody here. California preparing to drop mask mandates and social distancing for those who were vaccinated tomorrow bars and restaurants set to open at a 100%. Owners in the hard hit industry like Jason Eisner the leaked the last eighteen months has been. Devastating and we can't wait for June 15 to come fast enough. But the reopening comes with a warning from experts to be unvaccinated. The delta variant first discovered in India. Likely to lead to a new wave of infections in the U last this fall. There is as the US circles a dark milestone 600000. Lives claimed by the virus since the beginning of the pandemic the country still averaging more than 300 deaths daily. The shelf Chrysler. Lost her husband last month but it's not over an air any of people out in her area and dying still. Jennifer Nash was hospitalized this spring and put on a ventilator while pregnant. Doctors performing an emergency C section last month. She's now urging others to get vaccinated. Now. Get packed neatly. Aren't ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay was the first person in the US to get the vaccine outside of the trials six months ago today we really need to be charters keepers be good citizens. These socially responsible. Being humanitarian. For. Chart their. Diane that nurse receiving the first coat with a vaccine in the US outside of the trials at the hospital behind me. As for the delta variance it's doubled in the US currently believed to be responsible for about. 6%. Of Kobe case is in a little more than two months Diane. And Stephanie Ramos thank you. And man hunts are under way to restates after another weekend of deadly gun violence in the US. According to the gun violence archive there have been more than 270. Mass shootings in 22 when he won. Thirty in June alone Alex press joins us from Chicago with more on this good morning Alex. Hey dad it was not a good weekend for a lot of people in several cities across the country more than two dozen it was shot right here in Chicago now over the weekend and nationwide at least 39 people were wounded and at least six dead in separate bloody shootings. Here in Chicago since Friday night at least 32 people were shot in three people were killed. And Austin, Texas a nightmare unfolding Saturday night in the city's entertainment district after a gunman opened fire on a crowd of one victim dead thirteen others injured. Savannah Georgia also gripping with gun violence this weekend at one killed there and at least seven others wounded including a toddler. Three people dead in four others injured in Cleveland. Two children among shooting victims in Cincinnati and a security guard. Shot at a mall in Atlanta in several of the incidents this suspects remain at large. Investigators still working to track them down now the weekend and it comes as a police departments across the country are bracing for what could be. A deadly violence summer as pandemic restrictions are eased. Across the country that we spoke with several of those police departments they tell us they're really concerned about the next few months and they're focusing. And a couple of things including investing in community policing strategies. And especially the next few months of focusing on that those extremely violent offenders hoping to get a grip on things. Before they get worse Diane. Pounds present Chicago thank you. To Israel now where the long reign of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is over. Not tally Bennett was named the new prime minister after Netanyahu's political opponents formed a coalition. But then Yahoo! already the country's longest serving leader is vowing he will be back. Senior foreign correspondent in panel has the latest from London good morning in. He had good morning Diane that's right a new political duel breaking over Israel today. As you say the first day in twelve years of Benjamin Netanyahu is no prime minister it was the country's longest serving leaders we know a close ally the and unite two of the United States. But also a kind of a willing partner for peace especially with the Palestinians will live deals were made his the countries in the Middle East. But boy just one single vote he was finally cast out by parliament replaced by this. Kind of unwieldy coalition of various policy from the left and the right for the first time. An Arab Islamist parties Hans of that coalition. I will being government that now going to be to prime minister's. Over the four yeah term. Two years each the first one is enough to Ali Bennett's who's even more odd laden and his former ally Netanyahu. But for now he's calling thought ideological restraints and units say. Twelve months on a that's at some protests have burst out immediately there was celebrations but the rules are protests accusing Bennett's for being betrayed Jeff. The Palestinians reacting dismissive great. Locals remember this comes on the back of the bloody war between Israel and Hamas that left hundreds dead. But it was Netanyahu's ongoing trial for corruption bribery that appears to have been these fondle political undoing. I don't that we should expect any significant change in relations with America prism bought was one of the post. To congratulate the new prime ministers saying he's looking forward to strengthening all aspects. But what he's cooling the close and enduring relationship between our two nations Diane. So yeah in what is your government mean for Israel's tensions with Iran and that conflict in Gaza. I think. They've both maintained that current positions I can't see any significant changes say that's highly Bennis it's actually more hardline. The nets and Yahoo! walls for example he sees the West Bank Jerusalem. And the Golan Heights as parts of Israel he doesn't believe that should be any kind of diplomatic negotiations with the round at a currently taking place by America and you should expect him to tell president Biden. That's how web that the coalition that he's in. Probably means he's going to have to move rates his position. The the recent conflict we've Gaza in many senses didn't achieve anything and so it's not impossible that it could be some solemn. Momentum towards trying to reach an accommodation damn. All right senior foreign correspondent in panel thank you. And back here at home and dangerous heat wave is moving through the west temperatures are well into the triple digits topping 120. Degrees in some areas. Chief meteorologist in disease and Salt Lake City with more on that good morning ginger. Diane RD a breezy star and it's amazing because you'll feel these pockets coming through the canyon of air that are why. Warmer than the regular breezy and once the sun really gets cook and today we'll easily passed 100 again. For the second. Of what could be three or more days here in Utah and salt like city just. Could break an all time June record tomorrow also are watching all of those numbers but also watching wildfire danger we have mandatory evacuations as the pack creek fire. Here in you talk. It is Eagles slain just erupting above the tree line and unfortunately 64%. Of this state is an exceptional. Drought much of it in drought. And Lake Powell for example it only 34% capacity. You talk by the way is in the top five of the fastest warming states when it comes to. Warming temperatures and climate change. So not only as these stretch here in you talk big deal but Riverside County this is the fire at a flat fire the which has. Mandatory evacuations also and unfortunately with all of this drought. And the extreme. Lack of snow pack of that's what really hurt this region and the lack of monsoon. In parts of New Mexico Arizona and hearing you talk. We're just gonna have a brutal fire season still unfortunately eight states are under fire and he alerts you've got all time record heat. Not only possible just here for June from Utah but also up to the Canadian border and down to the Mexican border at this big ridge. And that high pressure system a little bit more applicant northeasterly for here that's why it's so un. Usual to have at this early in the season needles could easily stay above 120 as we head into the mid week Southern California Burbank gonna touch 100 and above. Now here's the deal when he's try to connect these. Anything to climate change heat's one of the easiest. And what we've seen in the new normal that were released by the EPA over the last several decades UC noddle me an increase of Heatley frequency. Duration but also this season for heat lanes has expanded significantly so just one of those connections. Here die right a lot to keep but none chief meteorologist in Jersey thank you. And Danish soccer star Christian Erikson is in stable condition after collapsing on the field during the European football championship tournament. Erickson went down in the middle of Denmark's match against Finland. The team doctor says he suffered cardiac arrest and was quote gone. Before responders were able to resuscitating him using a deferred to later right there on the field. His teammates frantically waved to medics over then circled the 29 year old as medics worked on him. Fans watched what so much emotion but Erickson was then carried off the field to a loud standing ovation. Denmark's coach said Erickson one of the team to continue playing. I was more concerned for his teammates and his family and himself wishing him well this morning. And investigators are searching for answers after the mother and son of a prominent South Carolina family were killed at the family's hunting lodge. We have the latest from the South Carolina after the break also an off duty flight attendant was subdued after allegedly threatened to take down a delta plane. We come back you're passengers onboard that flight saying this morning stay with us. Welcome back investigators are searching for answers after a mother and son from a prominent family were found dead in South Carolina. Another looking into whether the sun was the intended target in the pilgrim has the latest. Double murder mystery this morning investigators trying to find who killed two members of when a south Carolina's most prominent legal families. 22 year old Paul Murdoch and his 56 year old mother Maggie found shot to death near the dog kennels outside the family's hunting lodge last week. County investigators turning the case over to state law enforcement. Paul Murdoch had been awaiting trial accused of being under the influence in 2019. While crashing a boat killing nineteen year old passenger Mallory beach. Murdoch had pleaded not guilty in the case. All controversial understand ballroom where events and one person. Her family devastated his moments that we have this things remind us of Mallory. And and we break down at times like that so it's normal I spotted a grieving process. An avenue not like I never knew what would be lied to go through some might get. Now spurs and Murdoch case over there been no arrests no suspects had been named want force and being very tight lipped about this investigation. The family releasing a statement saying they are devastated by the deaths. But appreciative of law enforcement ongoing efforts to find who ever is responsible for these heinous crimes Diane. I need the pilgrim in South Carolina thank you. And a plane made an emergency landing in Oklahoma City over the weekend after pastures had to hold down an off duty flight attendant who allegedly threatened to take on a plane. This is air travel hits a new high this weekend the TSA screened more than two million people in one day for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. Transportation correspondent you but he test has more. Watch as passengers. When crew members on this delta flight. Hold down the only passenger after authorities say he threatened to speed down the plane. He clearly had some sort of breakdown police say the man is 34 year old Stephane Jamar Duncan an inactive delta flight descended on leave who allegedly made terroristic threats and assaulted two on duty flight attendants. A pipe making and urge and announce how he. Forcefully said. Are hanging it all. Able bodied men to come to throw the plane immediately for an emergency the plane making an emergency landing in Oklahoma City where was swept by police and clear passengers say the man's appearance. Raised eyebrows even before the point seen wearing a helmet elbow a knee pads. And acting strange authorities pointing to signs of mental health issues. He had a bunch of plastic bags that he was putting all. I exert scattering through overhead compartments any penalties tennis balls and he kept saying things about tennis balls as the air trap. Only increases the FAA is seeing a spike in passengers misbehavior. Since January 1 the FAA has received around 2900. Reports of un ruling passengers. They now have a zero tolerance policy with fines up to 35000. Dollars and potential jail talk. And in this latest case the man was taken to a local hospital the FBI is now questioning him because remember this is someone who knows the inner workings of an aircraft. Delta now is thinking those passengers and crew members who's from and acts Diane. Right ABC news transportation correspondent GO Benitez thank you. When we come back meet what savvy we are introducing into the picking is named top dogs at the Westminster dog show. And wait to hear how he celebrated. Welcome back a look at today's science and technology headlines here's space the Berube. Into. Check by its apple is reportedly ending Mascoll requirements for vaccinated customers at most a retail stores. Bloomberg also reporting that the new policy could start Tuesday that tech giant is also ditching masks requirements has some corporate offices in California. And Microsoft just wants say new slate of games on Xbox game passed its monthly subscription service. The eleven new titles were announced and the which was acquired by Microsoft this year's games will be accessible through Xbox PC and X clouds and finally an unidentified bidder would join Amazon founder Jeff baze Ellis and his brother on a trip into space next month. Chemistry bitter sell down 28 million dollars for his his or her seat. On that played a fourth passenger we'll also be on that trip and mister tech writes Diane back to you. Big rig thank you. And there's a new top dog in town with savvy that they he's was named best show at last night's Westminster dog show. Was soundly beat out the competition for the big win earning his rank as top dog. Named Norman has his story. This morning with soggy the Pekingese crowned the new king of Westminster. During his way to best in show. At the 145. Consecutive Westminster Kennel Club dog show. We'll typical. Don't let its size fool you three year old Sasaki is a fierce competitor. The prize winning Pekingese won the American Kennel Club best in show title in 2019. And shopping is okay just a short. And like. I don't truly pampered pooch he likes to save his energy what does he get in terms of streets tonight celebrating his win with a meal fit for a champion he can have a filet mignon. Peter disease. Winners competing for. Was sobbing that seems similar rap competition in the ring this year's final clash of the titans. Including Connor. Old English Sheepdog striker this in know it and burba and the Whippet who repeated her title as runner up. Does the lovely little bit. No stranger to the spotlight. Urban who won her 100. Best in show title last year welcoming a litter of puppies three months ago. But out of the seven champion canines competing. Only the Pekingese from Pennsylvania happily take city's top job he's as the wonderful dog he has that little sparkle that's that's a dog park. This weekend the first time in more than a hundred years at the top prize wasn't handed out in Madison Square Garden. The sprawling outdoor space at this historic estate. Allowing the show did go lot while following social distancing and public health guidelines. And these perfect pops just happy to compete. And the Westminster dog show is the second oldest continuous sporting event in the country behind the Kentucky Derby. Little trivia for you today Norman thanks for that and a big congratulations to a Saudi. That doesn't put his ABC news live update I'm Diane the Zeta thanks for joining us and remember ABC news live this year or you all day. With the latest news context and analysis we'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern. With the new updates basic.

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