ABC News Goes Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness

Robin Roberts, Amy Robach and model Elizabeth Hurley share their personal stories with the disease.
3:00 | 10/01/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC News Goes Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness
Finally tonight here, we're going pink, along with so many of you across this country for our loved ones, our friends and our colleagues who put on their pink first thing this morning. It started out early this morning, before the sun even came up. ABC news "Gma" going pink. Inside the studio, the team, among them, robin and Amy. And their courage. We cannot believe one year ago today. Yeah. Amy took that brave step of getting her very first mammogram. Reporter: Amy getting that mammogram live on "Gma" a year ago. Then later learning she had breast cancer. Just before she had that mammogram, she showed a video, explaining why she was doing it. I went in to see robin, who is a breast cancer survivor and thriving and she said, Amy, if one life is saved because of early detection, it's all worth it. Reporter: And this morning, Amy now a survivor herself, thanking a friend. You gave me the gift of knowledge, the gift of life and for that, I will be eternally grateful. When you called me, never in a million years did I think you would be saying what you said. I have breast cancer. Yeah. Reporter: And it's the same kind of conversation robin and Amy shared with America this morning, now being celebrated in a new documentary. It's called hear our store Littles, share yours. In it, family members describing the moment they thaerld hay have breast cancer. It was harder to tell you two that I was diagnosed with breast cancer than it was to hear the words myself. Reporter: A father describes the moment his daughter told him. That was a bad, bad evening. Reporter: And tonight, the company behind that documentar documentary,s day lauder, and the famous face. Elizabeth hurley along with us as they light the empire state building in pink. We need pink. You always need pink. Reporter: You may recognize hurley. She's done this withes day lauder for nearly 20 years. You told me that your grandmother didn't feel like she could tell anyone. No. It was 22 years ago, her breast cancer. She didn't tell anybody. She didn't even tell her doctor that she had found a lump. Reporter: Tonight, she says that same grandmother would be proud of all the women and the men who fight breast cancer and are now able to talk about it. The changes are just astronomical. Very fact that we're standing here at the empire state building and it's going to be lit pink tonight. Reporter: This evening, the pink empire state building. And that famous pink ribbon, created in part by Evelyn lauder. Stunning to think it was your mother -- Yes. There wouldn't be aning ribbon would your mother. That's right. We think of the pink ribbon, the pink empire state building. We think of our friends and colleagues. We champion them all in their brave and powerful fight. And we began with "Gma" this morning and we leave you tonight with this. The empire state building in pink for all of New York and the country to see.

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{"id":25904472,"title":"ABC News Goes Pink for October Breast Cancer Awareness","duration":"3:00","description":"Robin Roberts, Amy Robach and model Elizabeth Hurley share their personal stories with the disease.","url":"/WNT/video/abc-news-pink-october-breast-cancer-awareness-25904472","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}