ABC's David Muir Exclusive Backstage Interview With Apple CEO Tim Cook

Cook talks Apple Watch, Apple Pay, security and "Made in America"
3:21 | 09/09/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ABC's David Muir Exclusive Backstage Interview With Apple CEO Tim Cook
Ginger, thank you. Now, to that ABC news exclusive, why we're here in California tonight. Just take a look at this giant white building right behind me. It was here on a stage back in 1984, Steve jobs introduced the world to the Mac. 30 years later, tonight, with millions of apple fans around the world awaiting the apple watch. Apple CEO Tim cook telling me, they weren't the first to come out with a watch, but he said, remember, they weren't the first when they delivered that iPod, which revolutionized music. Tonight here, backstage with Tim cook. Apple CEO Tim cook backstage. Glad you're here. Reporter: History made. After perhaps the biggest moment of his career as the head of apple. The watch. We have one more thing. Reporter: Just moments before, cook unveiling the apple watch. The company's first brand new product in four years. And we were right there in the hall. There have long been questions when apple would innovate again, and tonight, they have. Tim cook, backstage, with his own apple watch. Can I see yours? You can. It's unbelievable. Reporter: The apple watch will start at $349. It's available early next year. It comes in stainless steel, 18 karat gold. Apple promising it will help you in your every day life. Fitness, health. Tracking your vital signs. Even your blood pressure, your heartbeat. Are you closer to your goal? Very close. Right now, we only did 50 kre0 seconds. Reporter: You burned five calories. Off to a great start. I'm ready. They allowed me to try on an apple watch myself. And it shows you when you turn it on in the morning where you are in the world. When you wake up, it shows you where you are in the globe. Absolutely. Rrl and there was something else it can do. Because today, apple announced apple pay. You can hold your iPhone or your apple watch at the checkout. No credit card needed. People say Tim cook is going to walk onto that stage and kill the credit card. Did you? I think that we put a dagger in it. Reporter: You basically carry your life around on your wrist. Your payment information, your heartrate, your pulse and a lot of people at home are going to wonder, how safe is it? It's incredibly safe. I think we are establishing a new bar. Reporter: When you see celebrities get their photos hacked. If famous people aren't protected, when what about us? I feel incredibly certain that it's very -- the most secure thing out there. Reporter: And tonight here, the first tweet ever from an apple watch. So, here's how the voice act valted Twitter will work. You hit the microphone here. How fun it is to send the first tweet ever from an apple watch. Period. See you tonight. Period. And before we left, one last question for Tim cook. A lot of our viewers are going to want me to ask this question. Is made in America still important to you? It's critically important. In fact, between the watch and the iPhones that you've seen, we will have parts or materials or equipment made in 22 of the 50 states. Reporter: That will go into the apple watch. That are going into the watch or the phone. 22 out of 50.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Cook talks Apple Watch, Apple Pay, security and \"Made in America\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"25390225","title":"ABC's David Muir Exclusive Backstage Interview With Apple CEO Tim Cook","url":"/WNT/video/abcs-david-muir-exclusive-backstage-interview-apple-ceo-25390225"}