Some accusing Trump of double standards on memos

The president has not released the Democrats' response on the Russia probe, calling it "political."
1:32 | 02/12/18

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Transcript for Some accusing Trump of double standards on memos
We move on now, new fallout this evening after president trump pushed for the release of the Republican memo from the house intelligence committee about the Russia investigation, but then the president's decision not to declassify the democratic response to that memo. Here's ABC's chief justice correspondent Pierre Thomas now. Reporter: Tonight, some accusing the president of a double standard on those dueling memos involving the Russia probe. Late Friday night, the president decided not to release the Democrats' response to that declassified Republican memo, which claims the FBI relied on a politically tainted dossier to obtain a search warrant against former trump adviser Carter page. Mr. Trump tweetin iing the Democrats' memo is political, adding the Democrats knew it, because the sources and methods and more would have to be heavily redacted. This, after the president authorized the release of the Republicans memo despite the FBI's grave concerns. Democrats say it's the president who is being political. This week though, the white house apparently has a newfound admiration for the FBI. Reporter: Sources say the Democrats' response challenges the Republican memo by showing that the dossier was far from the only source used to get that warrant. So, let's get to Pierre Thomas live with us tonight. Pierre, now the white house saying it's up to the Democrat to revise their memo? Reporter: That's right, David. The president told Democrats on the house intelligence committee to, quote, redo a send back in proper form. Congressman Adam Schiff is expected to meet with FBI officials soon, but it's unclear tonight whether that will be enough to release that memo. David? Pierre, thank you.

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{"id":53032262,"title":"Some accusing Trump of double standards on memos","duration":"1:32","description":"The president has not released the Democrats' response on the Russia probe, calling it \"political.\"","url":"/WNT/video/accusing-trump-double-standards-memos-53032262","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}