Adoring Crowds Line Up for the Pope

The faithful were forced to go through security checkpoints in the hopes of seeing Pope Francis.
1:54 | 09/26/15

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Transcript for Adoring Crowds Line Up for the Pope
reporting all week. The city electrified tonight. And the pope visiting the school children in Harlem. Holding this little girl's face in his hands. Cecelia Vega in the middle of the crowds all day. Reporter: It might be new York's park. But today, it belonged to pope Francis. The chosen ones had to have a ticket to get in. A city-sponsored lottery for new York residents. 80,000 people won. I wasrevealing he's done speaker. Was the popefactor? And than Mt sho hiswh haeelcir. Tonight,he T family outraged. Trum P fights ckba. Tbut ha W didsa he aty th T hadhecr owd oibong? An D, elu excsive eas pedal, cruise control stuck. Driver calling 911 before the cash. Good evening. We have a lot of news to get T to T. Beginning with history madein New York City. Pope Francis tonight,ce at ING mass at this hour for at Madison square garden. The end of a full day in new York. And the holy riding just the chance to see him is worth it. He's not the first pope to take over central park. But this pope, he's not like any other. It's truly an honor to have him with us. Especially in our beautiful city, New York City. Reporter: He's only on the ground for less than 40 hours. Now he's off to his next stop, Philadelphia. His biggest event so far, mass for up to 1 million people. I'll be joining you there. I'll be anchoring this broadcast from Philadelphia this weekend, and much more tonight on "Nightline" and "Good morning America." And speaker of the house John Boehner, his surprise

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{"duration":"1:54","description":"The faithful were forced to go through security checkpoints in the hopes of seeing Pope Francis.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"34055831","title":"Adoring Crowds Line Up for the Pope","url":"/WNT/video/adoring-crowds-line-pope-34055831"}