Amazon facing lawsuit over Alexa 'eavesdropping'

The suit alleges that Alexa violated child privacy laws by recording the voices of children without consent.
1:14 | 06/14/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Amazon facing lawsuit over Alexa 'eavesdropping'
Next tonight here, are your children being recorded? Amazon is facing new lawsuits over its wildly popular Alexa device. Parents now claiming that the company is listening to children without permission and storing what they say. Here's ABC's Adrienne Bankert. It's everything you love about Alexa made just for kids. Reporter: Tonight, there are some new privacy concerns about Alexa devices in millions of homes. Twin lawsuits in California and Washington accuse Amazon of recording millions of children without their consent. Alexa, play some music. Reporter: This comes after another consumer group raised another privacy issue, recently demonstrating in this video how a child can use the echo dot's remember me feature. Alexa, remember my phone number is -- Reporter: The campaign for commercial free childhood says that data was left on the device even after they deleted the recording two different ways. I was shocked. The fact that Amazon keeps that information is extremely concerning. Reporter: These new lawsuits alleging Amazon has built a "Massive data base of millions of voice recordings cob tanning the private details of millions of Americans." David, in a statement, Amazon says they have strict measures in place to protect users' privacy and security, and they have enhanced protections for families.

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{"duration":"1:14","description":"The suit alleges that Alexa violated child privacy laws by recording the voices of children without consent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/WNT","id":"63700144","title":"Amazon facing lawsuit over Alexa 'eavesdropping'","url":"/WNT/video/amazon-facing-lawsuit-alexa-eavesdropping-63700144"}