Anthony Weiner Vows He Won't Quit NYC Mayoral Race

Former congressman releases a new video vowing to stay in race.
1:46 | 07/31/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Weiner Vows He Won't Quit NYC Mayoral Race
Now to new trouble for anthony weiner, refusing to quit his campaign for mayor of new york despite new and embarrassing outbursts from his team. Today a new move from his wife, an aide to hillary clinton. Reporter: Anthony weiner brushing by reporters this morning, letting his campaign ad speak for him. His wedding picture strategically behind him as weiner again vows to stay in. We fight through tough things. We are a tough city. Reporter: Some of that toughness on embarrassing explain from weiner's press aid as she lashed out profanely at a former intern who penned a tell all front page story claiming the weiner campaign is amateurish. The aid, barbara morgan firing back, calling the intern a fame hungry ex ple tif, terrible at her job and much worse. Today apologizing on twitter. Not my best day yesterday, should have known better, been better, got to pay up. Is barbara still working for you? You bet. Huma is reportedly taking time off from that job but has not reemerged on the campaign trail. Today the man who ran bill clinton's campaign became their closest ally to urge weiner to quit. If I was working his campaign I would say I can't take this anymore and resign, yes. Reporter: James carville tells abc news hillary clinton feels more personal pain than political damage. I know she doesn't feel good for her friend. Reporter: The clinton's themselves preferring surrogates to deliver the political hammer. We go overseas to france. The arrive yar ya where it

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{"id":19832075,"title":"Anthony Weiner Vows He Won't Quit NYC Mayoral Race","duration":"1:46","description":"Former congressman releases a new video vowing to stay in race.","url":"/WNT/video/anthony-weiner-vows-quit-nyc-mayoral-race-19832075","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}