Anthony Weiner's New Chapter in the Sexting Scandal

Questions about response by Anthony Weiner and his wife to recent texts released to the public.
2:07 | 07/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Anthony Weiner's New Chapter in the Sexting Scandal
Matt gutman, abc news, orlando. To the unfolding scandal surrounding the former congressman who wants to be new york city's mayor. Anthony weiner. We watched the apology yesterday and many are now asking is that fair and this evening should he drop out. Lindsey dafs reporting on the story here in new york. Undeterred by a growing course calling for him to drop out, anthony weiner made it clear today he intends to stay in the race for new york city mayor. In my background that I've talked about legitimate for people to discuss. Reporter: His biggest vote of confidence is from this woman, his wife, huma abedin. I love him, I have forgiven him and I believe in him. Reporter: For years the 36-year-old was a power player operating in the shadows and now stepped into the spotlight. Anthony has made mistakes but I do very strongly believe that it is between us. Reporter: The disgraced former congressman now admits his extra marital sexting continued after he resigned from congress, went away to rehab, even after huma gave birth to the couple's son. Ab dean's support of her husband has resulted in a firestorm of criticism. She was way too nice. He needs to be married to judge judy. Reporter: Online some wrote skath is messaging like huma came off as a culpable fool. She has sought relationship advice from hillary clinton. I look up to her the way i look up to my mom. I get advice from her. She's kongsly a support system to me. Reporter: She appears to have taken a page out of hilary's book. We love this city. No one will work harder to make it better than anthony. Reporter: Right now she is working hard for him despite the embarrassing revelations. Earlier today abc's learned some of her friends are in shock she is digging in and this is no longer a good idea. She was not present at weiner's campaign event tonight. We turn overseas tonight to a developing story, a massive

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{"id":19765381,"title":"Anthony Weiner's New Chapter in the Sexting Scandal","duration":"2:07","description":"Questions about response by Anthony Weiner and his wife to recent texts released to the public.","url":"/WNT/video/anthony-weiners-chapter-sexting-scandal-19765381","section":"WNT","mediaType":"default"}